Ensuring the safety of the collections in the Shenandoah Room and Truban Archives requires the establishment of certain security guidelines. These guidelines apply to all researchers utilizing any of the collections held in the Shenandoah Room and Truban Archives. 


The Shenandoah Room and Truban Archives is currently enforcing the following guidelines:

-Researchers are required to sign in upon arrival. 

-All visitors must wash their hands before entering the Shenandoah Room

-All bags, folders, etc. must be placed in available lockers. Folders may be allowed at research tables with special request unless archival material is present. 

-No sticky notes of any type are allowed. 

-No food, drink, etc. are allowed at the research tables. Water can be brought into the Shenandoah Room but must be stored in available lockers

-Researchers may utilize their own notebooks, writing utensils, etc. Pencils and scrap paper may be available. 

-Pencils are the only writing utensils allowed in the Shenandoah Room. Highlighters, pens, markers, etc. are expressly forbidden

-No items may be removed from the Shenandoah Room or Truban Archives for any reason. 

-Laptops, cameras, phones, and other devices may be allowed in the Shenandoah Room. All devices must be silenced. Charging stations are provided. Staff reserves the right to restrict the use of any devices at anytime. 

-Books from the Shenandoah Room may be copied utilizing the provided Xerox copier unless doing so threatens the integrity of the item. Check with staff before conducting any copies. All copies at 15 cents per page which must be paid to the front desk before exiting the building. 

-Items from our closed Archival Collections, including Family Folders, may not be copied. However, photographs (without flash) may be taken. All researchers accept responsibility for following all copyright laws and regulations. 

-Researchers are expected to properly cite all materials including information about where the items were accessed. 

-The Shenandoah Room is a quiet space, but not a silent one. While you may expect to hear noise while researching, we ask to keep conversations etc. at a minimum to respect others. 

-Staff and volunteers may impose additional restrictions in researchers at anytime to ensure the safety of collections and personnel. 


For questions about these policies or our collections contact Archivist Zachary Hottel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (540)984-8200