Library Code of Conduct

The Library is a place to be shared with other patrons, visitors, and staff. It is a place to study, read, and reflect. We ask your voluntary compliance with the following behaviors we believe govern all public libraries.

  • Maintain conversation at an acceptable level and refrain from offensive and abusive language to staff and patrons.
  • Be respectful of furniture, equipment and materials.
  • No food, or tobacco products are permitted in the Library. (See Activity Room Policy for exceptions.). Drinks are allowed in containers with sealable lids.
  • Children must be supervised in accordance with our¬†Unattended Children Policy. Parents and caregivers are asked to monitor their children's behavior to ensure they are not disturbing patrons or abusing or misusing library materials or equipment.¬†
  • No pets other than "assistance" animals are permitted in the Library. Exceptions may be made for special library programs.
  • Shoes and shirts are required at all times.
  • The Library reserves the right to restrict rearranging furniture and the number of individuals who may work in a group.
  • Please use trashcans for litter.

Patrons who refuse to comply with the above will be asked to leave the premises. Although it is not our intent to restrict library use, repeat offenders of the Code of Conduct will lose library privileges until they agree to comply.