To aid in your research efforts, the Shenandoah Room maintains a collection of materials related to local families. This information, organized into over 1,000 folders, was gathered by genealogists, local historians, and family researchers from around the country. It is an excellent place to begin your search for a county name or resident. 

Currently the Family Folder collection is maintained at the Shenandoah County Library. The materials inside each folder are only available in physical form and must be accessed at the Shenandoah Room. This is only a subject index, not a digitized copy of the folders. 

This recently completed index is designed to help you discover which family folder, if any, may be useful to your research. To search the folders, simply press Ctrl+F at the same on your computer and then utilize the search bar that appears on your screen. 

Folder Name Associated Names Associated Locations
Abbitt Abbitt, Pleasant Appomattox, VA
Abbott Abbott, Alonzo; Abbott, Elijah; Abbott, Jackson; Abbott, Judith Sandusky County Ohio; Licking County Ohio; Shenandoah County VA
Accord/Echard Accord; Echard  
Adams Adams, Mary Jane (White); Adams, William South Carolina; Ohio
Aker 01 Aker, Thomas Jefferson Wythe County VA
Aker 02 Acker, Philip; Fadely, Elisabeth Smythe County VA
Aker 03 Acker, Henry; Acre, John; Dressler, Susanna Wythe County VA
Albert 01 Albert, Barbara; Albert, Jacob; Albert, Maria Christina Jefferson County VA
Albert 02 Albert, Henry St. George  
Albert 03 Albert, George Harvey; Shotts, Lucy Ellen  
Alexander  01 Glover Culpeper County VA; Fauquier County VA
Alexander 02 Balthis, George Washington; Sarah Day; James Alexander; John Alexander; Frank Alexander  
Alford Alford, Oliver; Person, Helen Irene  
Allen 01 Allen, Andrew Shenandoah County VA
Allen 02 Allen, Jackson Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Allen 03 Allen, James; Allen, Robert Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Allen 04 Allen, Andrew Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA; Stafford County VA
Allen 05 Allen, Gilbert; Allen, Moses Shenandoah County VA
Allen 06 Allen, Hugh J.; Freeman, Phebe Monongalia County VA; Rockingham County VA; Baltimore County Maryland
Allen 07 Allen,Reuben; Allen, Aaron; Allen, George Shenandoah County VA; Mt. Jackson VA
Allen 08 Allen, Judith; Allen, William; Allen, Rachel; Allen, Robert Shenandoah County VA; Vermont; Maryland; Shenandoah Countyotland
Allen 09 Allen, George; Allen, Rebecca  
Allenbaugh Allenbaugh, Samuel F. Shenandoah County VA; Berkeley County VA; Rockingham County VA
Allensworth 01 Aleshire, Elizabeth; Allensworth, John Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Allensworth 02 Allensworth, William Frederick County VA
Almond Almond, Amanda; Pearson, Benjamin Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Altaffer Altaffer, James F.P.; Altafter, Virgil Eugene; Pence, Barbara Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA; Montgomery County PA
Anders Anders, John Shenandoah County VA
Anderson 01 Anderson, Benjamin Sheandoah County VA
Anderson 02 Anderson, John Shenandoah County VA; Jefferson County VA
Anderson 03 Anderson, John Shenandoah County VA
Anderson 04 Anderson, Joseph Henry; Lonas, Nellie Irene Shenandoah County VA
Andes 01 Andes, Adam; Andes, Andrew; Andes, Annie; Andes, Lydia; Andes, Reginna; Andes, Ruthannan; Andes, Sarah Shenandoah County VA
Andes 02 Andes; Dietrick; Good; Kagy; Wine Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA; Augusta County VA
Andrews Andrews, Jacob; Swanger, Barbara Shenandoah County VA; Warren County VA
Andrick Andrick, Samuel; Burkett, Dianna Shenandoah County VA
Antrim 01    
Antrim 02 Andrews; Antrim, John; Butcher; Matlack; Ridgway; Zelley Burlington, NJ; Ohio; Virginia
Apperson Armentrout, Tyre M; Armentrout, Columbia V. Burke Shenandoah County VA; Tennessee
Armentrout Armentrout, Frederick ; Armentrout, Maryann Miller; Armentrout,   
Arnold Arnold, John Frederick County VA
Artz 01   Shenandoah County VA
Artz 02 Artz, Christian; Johannes Artz; Jacob Hockman; Leonard Balthis; Rebecca Ruddell; Meshach Goodrich; John Artz; Martha Ellen Artz  
Artz 03 Artz, Samuel Jefferson; Artz, Mary Louise Miley; Artz, John; Artz, Elizabeth Hockman  
Arwine   Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Atwood 01 Atwood, Gilbert Shenandoah County VA, Ohio
Atwood 02 Atwood, John T. Shenandoah County VA; Surry County NC
Aughe Aughe, Monger Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Aumiller Aumiller, George Shenandoah County VA
Baggerly Baggerly, Samuel Shenandoah County VA; Illinois
Bailey 01 Bailey, John William Shenandoah County VA; Bedford County VA
Bailey 02 Bailey, Lehew; Pomeroy  
Baker 01 Baker, Charles Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Baker 02 Baker, Francis; Evans Shenandoah County VA
Baker 03   Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; Warren County VA
Baker 04 Baker, Joseph Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Baker 05 Baker, John Nicholas Shenandoah County VA
Baker 06 Baker, John Sr. Shenandoah County VA; Warren County VA
Baker 07 Baker, Jacob Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Baker 08 Baker, Robert H. Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Baker 09 Baker, Adam; Barb, Anna; Sager, Magdaline  
Baker 10 Baker, Phillp Peter, III Shenandoah County VA
Baker 11 Becker, Johann Peter; Utz, Hans George; Sommers, Johann George  
Baker 12 Baker, Ephriam; Rebecca Eberly; John Nicholas Baker; Joanna Virginia Pifer Funkhouser; Ellen Ora Baker; Washington L. Baker; Daniel J. Baker; Silas Milton Baker; Marcus Baker; Ida Florence Baker; Laura Cordelia Baker; Nellie Ruth Baker; William Henry Baker Shenandoah County VA
Balthis 01 Balthis, Leonard Shenandoah County VA; Augusta County VA
Balthis 02    
Balthis 03    
Balthis 04    
Balthis 05    
Balthis 06 Balthis, George Shenandoah County VA
Balthis 07 Balthis, John Shenandoah County VA; Illinois
Balthis 08 Balthis, William Shenandoah County VA
Balthis 09 Balthis, Valentine Ohio; Maine; Shenandoah County VA; Strasburg VA; Warren County VA
Balthis 10 Balthis, Leonard; George Balthis; David Balthis; Frank Spencer Balthis; Frederik Hisey; Elizabeth Balthis; John Martin Balthis; Henry Balthis; Russell Amos Balthis; George Randolph Balthis; Holly Balthis
Balthis 11 Balthis, Johannes; Elizabeth Hockman; Leonard Balthis  
Balthis 12 Balthis John L; James Harrison Balthis; Woods; West; Felty; Schoonaver; Church; Denton; Gerrion; Shaffer; Foreman; Fleenor  
Balthis 13 Walker, Ray; Rosa L Balthis; Curtis Balthis; James Balthis; Charles Balthis; Sherman Balthis; Emory Bathis; Everett Hershel Balthis; Peter LeHew; Norvin Armstrong; Jasee Balthis; Alma French; Sasha S Balthis; Leonard Balthis Sr; John Balthis
Balthis 14 Balthis, William; Sara Conrad; John Balthis; George Balthis  
Balthis 15 Balthis, John M; Susan Albert; Leonard Balthis; Levi Balthis; Grippa Griffith; Warren Copenhaver  
Balthis 16 Boswell; Keffer; Kennedy; Davis; Leonard Balthis; Peter Stover; E.S. Miller; Lambert; Hoffman; Kellar; Allen; Balthis; Hagman Shenandoah County VA; Warren County VA; Mississippi
Balthis 17 Balthis, Johann Martin; Wilhelm Gofffried Balthis; Johann Leonard Balthis; Leonard Balthis  
Balthis 18 Balthis, Leonard  
Balthis 19 Clayton; Baylis; Blum; Hockman; Boyer; Tibo; Deboe; Fisher; Gistert; Funkhouser; Higgins; Hupp; Hurr; Dosh; Conrad; Reager  
Balthis 20 Balthis, William; Elizabeth Templeton Balthis; Holly Halstead Balthis; Mary Bourne Balthis  
Balthis 21 Balthis, William; Margaret Grim; Abraham Grim; Mary Copenhaver; Murlie May Price; Russell Amos Balthis; James Balthis; Charles Carter; Edith Wharton; Burt Rugg; Martha Balthis; Henry McKnight; Ralph Miller; Lucille Balthis
Balthis 22 Balthis, John S; John Lee Balthis; Valentine Balthis; Leonard Balthis; William Balthis; Hans Heinrich Balthis; Frainey Miller; Mary Teboe; George W. Balthis; Edward W. Balthis; Eleanor Balthis  
Balthis 23 Balthis, John Shenandoah County VA; Strasburg VA; Germany
Balthis 24 Balthis, John, Leonard Balthis Sr.  
Balthis 25    
Balthis 26    
Bamber Showman; Grim; Williams Shenandoah County VA
Barb 01 Barb, Moomaw, Emswiler Shenandoah County VA
Barb 02 Barb, Rebecca; Barb, Jacob; Zirkle Shenandoah County VA, Washington County VA
Barb 03 Conrad, Geraldine  
Barb 04 Barb, James Jr; John Kenneth Barb; Melissa Ann Raff; John Raff; Mary CohenZ  
Barbee 01 Barbee, Andre Shenandoah County VA; Stafford County VA
Barbee 02 Barbee, William Randolph; Barbee, Andre R.; Britton, Nancy Shenandoah County VA
Barclay 01 Barclay; Hahn Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Barclay 02 Barclay, James; Crume  
Bard Bard/Beard Shenandoah County VA
Barngrover Barngrover, Sixtus Shenandoah County VA
Barnhisle Aldorfer; Baumgardner; Reiff Shenandoah County VA; Augusta County VA
Barr 01 Barr, Elizabeth; Barr, John Francis; Funk Shenandoah County VA
Barr 02 Barr, Phillip; Gochenour, Barbara; Wallerton Shenandoah County VA
Barrett Sharp  
Barron Young; Myers Shenandoah County VA
Barton 01   Shenandoah County VA
Barton 02 Heaton; Sayger;Haller  
Barton 03 Barton, Joseph; Miller, Elizabeth  
Barton 04 Barton, Zaida Rinker will Shenandoah County VA; Caroline County Maryland
Bash Bash, Henry Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA
Bashor Boshar, Johan Gerge  
Baugh Slingerland Shenandoah County VA; Pittsylvania County Virginia
Baughman Baughman, Andrew Shenandoah County Virginia; West Virginia
Baumgardner Baumgardner, John; Baumgardner Hans; Burner; Waddle; Gabbert Frederick County VA; Augusta County VA; Pennsylvania; Page County VA
Bauserman Palmer  
Beahm Beahm, Daniel; Garmin, Sarah; Beahm, Delila Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA
Beale Beale, Thomas; Grandpierre, Celeste Shenandoah County VA; North Carolina
Bean Bean, Louis; Miller Shenandoah County VA
Bear Bar, Hans; Jacob; Mey'li, Martin; Anna Switzerland
Beaty  Beaty, Samuel Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; Belmount County Ohio
Beaver Bowyer Shenandoah County Virginia
Bechtel Bechtel, Tobias Shenandoah County Virginia
Beck Beck, Jacob; Vollmer, Elizabeth; Nesselrodt, Lewis; Nesselrodt, Frederick; Barb, Fannie, Barb, Isaac; Strawderman, Rebecca  
Beeler 01 Fahnestock Shenandoah County Virginia
Beeler 02 Beeler, John Shenandoah County Virginia; Frederick County Virginia
Beeler 03 Buhler, Ulrick & Mary Elizabeth; Beller; Buhler; Jacob Buhler  
Beeler 04 Beeler, Christoper; Beeler, Joseph; Beeler, John; Beeler, Charles; Beeler, George; Beeler, Catherine  
Beeler 05 Beeler, Christopher  
Beidler   Shenandoah County Virginia; Page County Virginia
Belew Belew, Arthur Shenandoah County Virginia
Bell 01 Bell, George Calving; Bell, Sarah Kramer  
Bell 02 Bell, Samuel; Miller Shenandoah County VA; strasburg VA; Winchester, VA
Bellis Bellis, Henry; Bellis, George  
Benewitz Bonneur  
Benn Pence Frederick County Virginia
Berry 01 Berry, Alexander; Funk, Barbara Shenandoah County Virginia; Kentucky; Ohio
Berry 02 Berry, John Shenandoah County Virginia
Beveridge Beveridge, John; Elizabeth Louderback; Noble Beveridge Middleburg VA; Ludon County VA; Augusta County VA
Beydler Fisher, George; Barbara Beydler; Simon Fisher; Jacob Fisher; Abraham Bydler; Bidler; Barbara Hockman Shenandoah County VA; Bucks County PA
Bezant Bezant, Randolph Dumore County VA; Strasburg VA; Warren County VA; Woodstock VA
Bible Bible, Christian; Margaret Spiegle Shenandoah County VA
Bibler 01 Bibler, Johann; Kibler Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA
Bibler 02 Bibler, Johann; Barbara Bowman Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Biglow Bueller, Richard; Bigelow, Elizabeth  
Bilderback Bilderback, Jesse ; Elisabeth Loe Shenandoah County VA
Billor 01 Billor, Ambrose; Elizabeth Runion; John Biller Shenandoah County VA
Billor 02 Biller, Claria; Alden Lutz  
Billor 03 Biller, Mary Shenandoah County VA
Bimber Bimber, George Pennsylvania; Virginia
Bird 01 Hawkins, Bob; Margaret Bird; Abraham Bird Dumore County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Bird 02 Bird, William; Julia Bird Maryland; Augusta County VA; Shenandoah County VA; Burks County PA
Bird 03 Birdl; Byrd; Moore; Neff; Kendrick; Ott Rockingham County VA
Bird 04 Bird, Abraham  
Bird 05 Bird, Mounce; Bird, Ingabo; Gore, Isaac  
Bird 06 Bird, Andrew; Abraham Bird; Mounce Byrd; William Bird; Mounce Jones; Jonas Nilsson Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Blackburn Blackburn, David & Isaac Blackburn Shenandoah County VA
Blackmore Blackmore, George  
Blackwell Blackwell, Nimrod & Sarah Smith Shenandoah County VA
Blackwood Blackwood, William & Thomas Blackwood Warren County VA; Shenandoah County VA; Pennsylvania
Blakemore Blakemore, Henry & William Blackmore Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA
Bland Bland, James Washington DC
Blazer 01 Blazer, Daniel; Julianna Block  
Blazer 02 Blazer, Jacob; Mary Houser, Blazier; Blaser; Bloser Shenandoah County VA
Blessing 01 Blessing, Jacob; Lewis Blessing Shenandoah County VA; New Market VA
Blessing 02 Blessing, Magdalena; Lindamood, George Shenandoah County VA
Blind Blind, Peter; Michael Blind  
Blose Bloss; John Blose; Ann Pence (Bentz); Joseph Bloss Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA; Strasburg VA
Blosser 01 Blosser, Christian; C.F. Blosser; Blaser Shenandoah County VA
Blosser 02 Strickler Shenandoah County VA
Boehm 01    
Boehm 02 Weaver, Jacob; Mary Weaver Shenandoah County VA
Boehm 03 Beam; Behm  
Boehm 04 Boehm, Samuel; Boehm, Jacob; Boehm, Barbara Kendig; Boehm, Elizabeth  
Bond Bond, Samuel; Mary Longacre; Joseph Bond Shenandoah County VA; Knox County IN
Bonifield Bonifield, William; Arnold Bonifield Shenandoah County VA
Booker 01 Booker, Ulrich; Poker; Hotzenpiller  
Booker 02 Booker, General Philip; Bucker  
Borden 01    
Borden 02 Limbenhaler Shenandoah County VA
Borden 03 Bodin; Borden, Reinhardt Heinrich; Borden, James; Borden, Jacob; Borden, Nicholas; Borden, Frederick; Borden, Maria; Borden, George; Borden, Catherine; Borden, Augustine  
Borum Borum, Isaac; Catherine Borum Strasburg VA; Woodstock VA
Boswell 01 Boswell, Joseph; Mary Good Boswell West Virginia; Mecklenberg County VA
Boswell 02 Boswell, George; Barbara Pence; Bozell Madison County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Boswell 03 Boswell, Ezekial; Boswell, Henry; Boswell, George  
Bowers 01 Bowers, Henry; Caroline Bowers; Aquilla Bowers; Mary Green; Harrison Green; Mary Ann Venna Shenandoah County VA
Bowers 02 Bowers, Lewis & Elizabeth Foltz Shenandoah County VA
Bowers 03 Bowers, Reuben Casper; Mary Catherine Hollar; Catherine V. Sears; Jno A. Hollar; Gertie L. Jackson; George R. Boyce; Elizabeth Weaver; Eliza Lucas; John W. Pearson; John Washington Pearson; Aaron Helsley; John Adam Wolfe Shenandoah County VA
Bowman 01 Bowman, Folder 1-Isaac; Abraham Bowman; Jacob Bowman  
Bowman 02 Bowman, Folder 2- Abraham & Nancy Overall Shenandoah County VA: Kentucky; German; Holland
Bowman 03 Bowman, Folder 3-Abraham & Long Shenandoah County VA
Bowman 04 Christan, Carl, & Detrich Bowman & Augusta Dillman Folder 4 Frederick County VA; Pennsylvania; Woodstock VA
Bowman 05 Cornalius, Bowman Folder 5 Virginia; Kentucky; Ohio; New York
Bowman 06 Bowman,Folder 6 David; Coffman, Awen; Bowman, Catherine; Bowmen, Mary Shenandoah County VA; Indiana
Bowman 07 Bowman, George pension application Folder 7 Shenandoah County VA; Ohio
Bowman 08 Bowman Folder 8 Pennsylvania; Virginia; Shenandoah County VA; Kentucky; Rockingham County VA; Frederick County VA
Bowman 09 Bowman, Folder 9- Isaac; Elizabeth Lindamood Germany; Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Bowman 10 Bowman,Folder 10- Isiah; Polly Fravel; Druman Zirkle; Clinedinst Edinburg VA; Shenandoah County VA
Bowman 11 Bowman,Folder 11- Hezekiah; Melinda Bowman; Gilbert Bowman Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Bowman 12 Bowman, Folder 12- Silon  
Bowman 13 Bowman,Folder 13- George; Elsie Bowman; George S. Bowman Shenandoah County VA
Bowman 14 Bowman, Folder 14 Whiten; Stephen Bowman; Henry Bowman Shenandoah County VA
Bowman 15 Bowman, Folder 15-Isabella; Phillip Bowman; Calmes Richardson Shenandoah County VA
Bowman 16 Stover; Isiah Bowman; Abraham Bowman; Stover, John FOLDER 16 Mt. Jackson VA; Shenandoah County VA
Bowman 17 Bowman, W. Folder 17 Woodstock VA; Mt. Jackson VA; Edinburg VA; Shenandoah County VA
Bowman 18 Bowman, Jacob Folder 18 Shenandoah County VA
Bowman 19 Bowman, Folder 19 George; Christian Bowmen Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Bowman 20 Bowman, George, Mary, Isaac, George W.S. Rebecca Bowman Hite   
Bowman 21 Bowman, Jacob; Bowman, Elizabeth Rueger Shenandoah County VA
Bowman 22 Bowman, George; Gottschaulk, Anna Maria Shenandoah County VA
Boyce Boyce, John; Sheetz Edinburg VA; Seven Fountains VA; Fort Valley VA
Boyd 01 Body, John; Fran Woodward Boyd Shenandoah County VA
Boyd 02 Boyd, David; Jacob Zumwalt; Catherine Zumwalt; Anna Zoll Toms Brook VA; Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Boyer Boyer, Henry; Mary Jacob Shenandoah County VA
Branham Branham, Richard Shenandoah County VA
Branner Branner, Casper; Branner, Catherine  
Breeden 01 Broodon, Catherine; Cathy Breeden; Phillip Acre Shenandoah County VA
Breeden 02 Breeden, John; Hanah Breeden; Daniel Newland Shenandoah County VA; Wythe County VA
Breeding 01 Breeding, Spencer; Alex Stewart; Priscilla Spencer Shenandoah County VA
Breeding 02 Breeding. John   
Breenham Breenham, Abraham; Abe Brinsman; Jacob Kagey; Christina Breeneman Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA; Lancaster PA
Brewer Brower, John Virginia
Brian Brian, William Botetourt County VA; Augusta County VA; New Jersey; Orange County VA
Brill 01 Brill, Folder 1-Henry  
Brill 02 Brill, Folder 2--Anna; John P. Strosnider Shenandoah County VA
Brill 03 Brill, Folder 3-Adolph; Orndorff; Isaac Hersbaugh; Gochenour, Levi  
Brill 4 Brill, George L., Edna, Marshall, Ford, Jack, Kenneth, Earl  
Brinkor 01 Brinker, Conrad; Jacob and Barbara Miller Frederick County VA
Brinkor 02 Brinkor, Henry; Susannah Taylor; Hans Brinker Shenandoah County VA
Brinkor 03 Brinkor, William; Catherine Hottel; Lucy Bushong; Conrad Brinker Shenandoah County VA; Switzerland
Brinor Briner, Gagbour; Briner, Gagbour; Gasper; Brannor  
Brock Brock,  George Forrestiville VA; Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Brock 2 Brock, Capt. Wlliam, "Little John", Ann Jones Brock, Sarah (Sally) Brock, Elilzabeth, Archibald, Ann  
Brown Brown, Josias & Campbell Woodstock VA; Pennsylvania
Broy Broy, Bertha May  
Brubaker Brubaker, Abraham; Barbara Miller; Mary Stover; Barbara Mauck Woodstock VA; Ohio; Illinois
Brubeck 01 Pelt, William Van Columbia Furnace; Ohio
Brubeck 02 Brubeck, Jacob; John Waid Coffman; Hayden; Elizabeth Rosenberger Pennsylvania; Page County VA
Brumbaugh  Brumbaugh, Rosa Elton; William Ladd; Ann Shipp; Rose Murray Washington DC
Brumfield Dodge Amelia County VA; Halifax; Kentucky
Bruner Bruner, Jacob; Branner Frederick County Maryland
Bryce Bayse  
Buck 01 Buch; Book; Barbara Miller Rockingham County VA
Buck 02 Burk, John; Clevenger; Ott  
Buckins Bucklus; Bockius; Bockins; Weir; Wehr; Weyer Maryland; Pennsylvania; Ohio
Bullock Bullock, William; Magadaline Hickman Tennessee
Bumgarner Bumgarner, David; Burner, Catherine; Bumgarner; Lionburger, Elizabeth  
Burch Henry; Coffman; William Franklin Burch  
Burger Burger, Michael; Mary Kelchner Lindamood Burger  
Burgner Burgener, Peter Senior Switzerland; Pennsylvania
Burkhart Burkhart; Borger; Berger; Ann Mary Lindamood; Mosser  
Burner 01 Burner, Airhart  
Burner 02 Burner, Daniel & Sarah Bauserman  
Burner 03 Burner Daniel, Sarah; Matin John, George, Ester; Bushong Edward, Bessie, Mary Ann Shenandoah County VA; Woodstock
Burns Burns, Joseph; Elizabeth Holbrook Earl Frederick County VA
Burns 02 Barnes, Richard; Joseph; Shadrock; Leonard; Burns, Daniel; Adam; Earle; Overall; John; John D.; Leonard; Byrne, Charles; George Rappahanock County VA; Page County VA; Shenandoah County VA; Warren County VA; Rockingham County VA; Culpeper County VA; Orange County VA
Burns 03 Burns, Abraham; Ignatius; Joseph; Arthur; Robert; Charles; Elizabeth McDowell; Byrne, Uriah; Darby B.; Byrnn, James; Mary Fairfax County VA; Loudoun County VA; Westmoreland County VA; Prince William County VA; Fauquier County VA; Stafford County VA; Augusta County VA; Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Burton 01 Burton, Marshall  
Burton 02 Burton, William; Phoebe Douglas Accomac County VA
Bushong 01   Germany
Bushong 02 James, Joel; Phila Riggles; Rachael Combs; John Eagert; Elizabeth Accord; Henry Bushong; Andrew Bushong; John Bushong Augusta County VA; Marshall County IN
Bushong 03 Bushong, Henry; Edward Bushong; Mary Ann Wendel  
Bushong 04 Bushong, Peter; James Bushong; Russell Bushong  
Bushong 05 Fravel; Strother; Morgan; Deacon; Hardin; Calhoun; Lewis; Coleman Pennsylvania
Bushong 06 Bushong, Abraham Rockingham County VA; Augusta County VA
Bushong 07 Bushong, John; Windel  
Bushong 08 Bushong, Garland  
Bushong 09 Bushong, Andrew; Kipps, George Michael; Kingree, Samuel C.; Bushong, Jacob; Bushong, William; Bushong, David; Bushong, Henry  
Butler Butler; Gilbert Frederick County VA
Butt Rapeholse  
Byrd 01 Byrd, Abraha; Howlett; Stegg; Zeigler; Hawkins Tennessee; Kentucky; Rockingham
Byrd 02 Byrd, Abraham; Rebeckah Samuels  
Byrd 03   Rockingham County VA
Cabbage Cabbage, Adam Woodstock, VA
Caldwell 01 Caldwell, Joseph; Caldwell, Mary; Helmestine, Hram; Helmestine, Mary; Light, Peter Frederick County, VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Caldwell 02 Caldwell, Joseph; Caldwell, Ann; Mitchell, Ann; Mitchell, Joseph Shenandoah County, VA
Calfee Calfee, Helen; Calfee, John Shenandoah County, VA
Calley Calley, Jane; Scharf, Catherine; Schaum, Catherine; Schaum, Christine; Weiser, Saum Augusta County VA; Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA; Maryland
Callahan Brown, Betsey; Callahan, Patrick; Callahan, William; Winstead Frederick County, VA; Page County, VA; Rockingham Cou nty, VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Callihan Callihan, George; Callihan, Melvina; Grandstaff, George Sheandoah County VA
. Cameron, James; Cameron, John; Long, Andrew; Ramey, Elizabeth; Spengler Frederick County, VA; Shenandoah County, VA; Strasburg, VA; Warren County, VA; Woodstock, VA
Campbell 01 Campbell, Archibald; Campbell, Richard Augusta County, VA; Frederick County, VA; Page County, VA; Shenandoah County, VA; Warren County, VA
Campbell 02 Burke, John; Burke, Virginia; Campbell, Elizabeth; Campbell, Harvey; Reynard, Abraham; Reynard, Charles Shenandoah County, VA
Campbell 03 Campbell, John; Campbell, Joseph Shenandoah county, VA; Monongalia County, WV; Dekalb County, IN
Campbell 04 Campbell, Caleb; Campbell, Cornelius; Campbell, Jonas; Campbell, William; Smith, Dan Page County, VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Campbell 05 Campbell, James, Campbell, John; Campbell, Rebecca; Campbell, Richard; Smith, Joseph; Lopez, Ester New Market, VA; Shenandoah County, VA; Mexico
Campbell 06 Campbell, James, Campbell, Richard; Campbell, Robert Campbell County, VA; Patrick County, VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Cannon Cannon, John; Greenhill, Minerva Shenandoah County, VA; Warren County, VA; Moose Jaw, Canada
Carrier 01 Carrier, Edward; Carrier, John; Kenseley, Barbara; Mooreal Shenandoah County, VA
Carrier 02 Carrier, John; Carrier, Thomas; Hite, Alexander Shenandoah County, VA; Fort Valley
Carroll Alderson, Mary; Carroll, Joseph; Carroll, George; Carroll, William; Moffett, Anderson Shenandoah County, VA
Carter 01 Carter, John, Frounch, Frauch; Lear, Mary Shenandoah County, VA; Woodstock, VA
Carter 02 Carter, Adrian Garett; Carter, Durus Dennis; Conner, Catherine; Conner, Emily; Conner, Luther; Davis, Delmar Mt. Jackson VA; Winchester, VA; Woodstock, VA
Carver Carver, Hiram Edinburg, VA
Cash 01 Cash, John; Carsh, Margaret Jane; Karsh, David; Karsh, Rebecca; Karsh, Sarah; Anderson; Andrick; Helsley; Sayer; Sine; Showman Shenandoah County, VA
Cash 02 Balthis, John; Robert Zahn; Mary Louise Balthis; William Balthis; Carol Bronkman; Wanda Cash; John Knight Shenandoah County VA; Tennessee; Indiana
Cash 03 Cash, Rosemary; Cash, William; Cash, John  
Castleman 01 Castleman, Jacob; Castleman, Lodowick Frederick County VA
Castleman, 02 Castleman; Casselman; Kasselman; Casselman, Johannes Dieterich; Casselman, Anna Eva Rinder  
Cather Cather, Joseph; Willa Cather Frederick County VA; Berkley County VA
Cathey Cathey, William Sr.; William Cathey Jr.; Margaret Halman Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
Caton Caton, Jonas; Catherine Coffelt; Elizabeth Caton; William Caton; Ann Caton; Mary Snapp Strasburg VA; Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Cave   Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA; Warren County VA
Chapman Chapman, Robert Shenandoah County VA
Chilcott Chilcott, Aaron; Roseanna Wolverton; Jonathan Chilcott Shenandoah County VA; Cumberland MD
Childers 01 Childers, Mosby; Hatcher Childers Albermarle County VA
Childers 02 Childers, William Benton; John Newton Rothgeb; Alice Wilson; William Needham; Anna Rothgeb Albermarle County VA; Greenbrier County VA; Ohio; Page County VA
Chipley Chipley, James & Elizabeth Chipley Frederick County VA
Christian Christian, Hans; William Christian; Elizabeth Haller; John Christian Shenandoah County VA
Christy Christy, Samuel; Catherine Christie; John Christy Shenandoah County VA
Church Church, Henry; Hannah Church; William Church; Elizabeth Church; James Church; Sarah Church; Hannah Church; Annie Church Shenandoah County VA; Pennsylvania; West Virginia
Clabaugh Clabaugh, Fredrick; Thomas Evans; Margaret Clabaugh Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; Hardy County VA; Ohio
Claig Claig, Thomas; Thomas Claig Jr.; Daniel Claig; Elizabeth Claig; McNealey Shenandoah County VA; Warren County VA
Clem 01 Clem, Boyd; Hansbordens; John Clem; Jane Thompson Shenandoah County VA
Clem 02 Clem, David; David Clem Jr.; Anna Grove; Ann Coff Shenandoah County VA; Fort Valley VA; Powell's Fort VA
Clem 03 Clem, Dee; Ashland Clem; Elizabeth McFarling; Elizabeth Shuff Shenandoah County VA
Clem 04 Clem, Michael; Deedrick Clem; Elizabeth Walter; George Walter Shenandoah County VA; New York
Clem 05 Clem, William; Mary Clem Shenandoah County VA
Clem 06 Clem; Klem; Klemm, Johan David  
Clem 07 Clem, Benjamin; Clem, Harriet Olinger; Ship; Neese; Holler; Hess; Zirkle; Rosenberger; Lloyd; Golladay; Carper  
Clem 08 Clem, Hiram; Clem, Ida; Clem, Sarah; Clem, Ezra; Bauserman, Charles; Grandstaff, William  
Clem 09 Clem, Jacob; Clem, Rebecca Hill; Clem, Johanna; Clem, John; Clem, Sarah Starr  
Clem 10 Clem, Joann Davidt  
Clemmons Clemmons; Clemans; Clemants Shenandoah County VA; Wythe County VA; Kentucky
Clevenger Clevenger, Joseph; Clevenger, Chloe; Joseph Henry Clevenger; Mary Smith Frederick County VA
Clevinger  Clevinger, George; John Faweet; Thomas Faweet; Polly Faweet; Elizabeth Hite Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; West Virginia
Click Click, Arthur  
Clifton Clifton, Charlotte; McManis  
Cline 01 Cline, John Front Royal VA; Frederick County VA
Cline 02 Cline, Philip; Fetterberg, Polly Frederick County VA
Cline 03 Cline, William Harrison; Henry Cline  
Cline 04 Cline, John; Black, Catherine; Cline, Mary Ohio
Clinedinst 01 Clinedinst, Milton; Elizabeth Clinedinst  
Clinedinst 02 Hollar; Holler; Bowers Shenandoah County VA
Clower Clower, George  
Coby Coby, Oliver Jacob; Mary Borden  
Coffelt 01 Coffelt, Peter; Jacob Coffelt; Cartwood Coffelt; George Vilty  
Coffelt 02 Coffelt, Leslie; President Harry Truman  
Coffelt 03 Nicholas, Jacob  
Coffelt 04 Coffelt, John  
Coffman 01 Coffman, Augustine  
Coffman 02 Coffman, Christopher; Hungate  
Coffman 03 Coffman, Ernest Franklin; Hammer; Bowman Edinburg VA
Coffman 04 Coffman, Augustine; Andrew Coffman; Christian Coffman; Harpine; Jacob Coffman Page County VA
Coffman 05 Coffman, John D.; John N. Coffman; Kessler  
Coffman 06 Coffman, Joesph; Connell; Irwin; Lionberger Page County VA; Ohio
Coffman 07 Coffman, Kirby; Early; Miller; Sayger; Pickel  
Coffman 08 Coffman, Martin; Kaufman; Lienberger Page County VA
Coffman 09 Coffman, Mary Magdeline; Cretmyer/Cretzinger Hardy County WV
Coffman 10 Coffman, Nicholas; Kaufman  
Coleman Coleman, John; Lucy White Tennessee
Collins Collins, Jeffrey; Arterburn; Lewin; Ramey; Watkins Warren County VA
Combs Combs; Bushong  
Combs 02 Combs, Nocholas; Elizabeth Combs; Gilbert Combs; Job Combs; Martin Combs; Robert Combs; Thomas Combs Shenandoah County VA
Comer 01 Comer, John; Michael Comer  
Comer 02 Comer, Culp Page County VA
Comer 03 Comer, Martin; Comer, Christopher; Casper Miller  
Comer 04 Comer, Jacob; John Comer; Windor  
Conkin Conkin, George  
Conner 01 Charles Bryan, Conner; Conner, Mary Jeanette; Burner; Cave; Dinges; Ritenour Shenadoah County VA
Conner 02 Conner, Bryan, Conner, James; Conner, John; Conner,Phillipp Accomac County VA; Fauquier County VA; Shenandoah County, VA; Spotsylvania County, VA
Conner 03 Conner, William J.; Hottel, Anna; Peer, Catherine Shenandoah County VA
Conner 04 Conner, John J.; Conner, Martin; Brill, Lavina; Smootz, Mary E. Shenandoah County, VA
Conner 05 Conner, William; Hall, William Shenandoah County, VA
Conner 06 Conner, John; Conner, William; Myers, Susan Shenandoah County, VA
Conrad Conrad, Marion F.; Conard Rockingham County, VA; Illinois
Cook 01 Cook, John; Pence, Catherine; Pence, Michael; Pence, Sybilla Shenandoah County, VA
Cook 02 Cook, David; Cook, Fannie; Cook, Phillip; Cook, William, Zirkle, Hannah Shenandoah County, VA
Cook 03 Cook, Michael; Cook, Peter; Foland, Magdalena Shenandoah County, VA
Cook 04 Cook, Philip; David Cook; Barbara Cook; Magdalene Cook; George Zirkle; Barbara Kagey Zirkle; Sarah Cook; Elisabeth Cook Shenandoah County VA
Cooksey Cooksey, Dolly; Cooksey, John Sr.; Cooksey, John Jr.; Cooksey, Margaret; Cooksey, Sarah; Cooksey, W. Zachariah Frederick County, VA; Page County, VA; Shenandoah County, VA; Warren County, VA
Cool Cool, Conrad; Cool, James; Cool, John; Cool, Philip; Kubl, Catherine; Sheets, George, Branner; Knop Shenandoah County, VA; Rockingham County, VA
Cooley Clem, Lucy L.; Cooley, Charles Franklin; Cooley, Clyde W.; Cooley, Elma C.; Cooley, Harry A.; Cooley, John W.; Cooley, Maude Jane, Cooley, Paul H. Woodstock VA
Cooper 01 Bush, Elizabeth; Cooper, George; Cooper, Isaac Shenandoah County, VA; Ohio
Cooper 02 Cooper, George Sr.; Cooper, George Jr.; Cooper, Joshia; Cooper, Mary Shenandoah County, VA
Cooper 03 Cooper, George W.; Peer, Elizabeth Shenandoah County, VA
Cooper 04 Cooper, John J.; Cooper, Mary Hinkins; Orndorff; Supinger Cedar Creek, Shenandoah County, VA
Cooper 05 Cooper, Jeremiah; Rebecca Parrell; Conrad; George Cooper; Frederick Cooper; Henry Cooper Shenandoah County VA; Indiana; Frederick County VA; Strasburg VA; Woodstock VA
Cooper 06 Cooper, Charles; Emma Spengler; George Cooper; Rebecca Parrell; Jeremiah Cooper Shenandoah County VA
Copeland Copeland, Joseph C.; Copeland, Nicholas; Lott, Nancy Shenandoah County, VA; North Carolina
Copenhaver 01 Balthis, Leonard; Balthis, Regina Loldes; Balthice; Baugham, Mary; Copenhaver,Jacob; Copenhaver, John; Copenhaver, George; Doctor, Martin; Docter Frederick County, VA; Strasburg, VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Copenhaver 02 Miller, Margaret; Valentine Balthis; John Copenhaver; Margaret Hoffman; Elizabeth Doctor; Abraham Grim; Mary Copenhaver; Jacob Copenhaver Shenandoah County VA; Strasburg VA; Frederick County VA; Missouri
Copenhaver 03 Copenhaver, Jacob; George Copenhaver  
Copp Brunlling, Sibly; Capp, Andrew; Capp, Christian; Capp, Elizabeth; Capp, Eva; Capp, George; Capp, Jacob; Capp, John; Capp; Mary Elizabeth; Capp, Michael Shenandoah County, VA
Cordell Cordell, George Frederick County, VA; Loudoun County, VA; Shenandoah County, VA; Warren County, VA
Corr Corr, Henry; Corr, Johannes Christian; Corr, John; Corr, Maria Magaretha; Corr, Michael; Corr, William Frederick County, VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Cotterill Cotterill, James Henry, Cotterill, Thomas; O'Kane, Henry; O'Kane, Rebecca; Rice, Barbara Strickler Shenandoah County, VA; Rockingham County, VA; Ohio
Coughenour Beeler, John, Coughenour, Christian; Coughenour, Isaac; Coughenour, Jacob; Coughenour, John Jr.; Coughenour, John S.; Coughenour, Susannah; Gochenour, Henry; Harrell Loudoun County, VA; Shenandoah County, VA; Rowan County, NC
Cover Cover, Thomas; Cover, Elizabeth; Kober, Daniel  
Coverstone 01 Clem, John David; Clem, Margaret Rudy; Clem, Michael; Coverstone, Jacob Shenandoah County, VA
Coverstone 02 Clem, David, Jr.; Clem, David Sr.; Coverstone, Elizabeth Miller; Coverstone, Henry; Coverstone, Jacob; Coverstone, Mahala Elizabeth Clem; Coverstone, Marcus Shenandoah County, VA; Ohio
Crabill 01 Crabill, Benjamin; Crabill, Catherine Mauck Shenandoah County, VA
Crabill 02 Crabill, Benjamin Richard; Crabill, Francis Ann Ebert Shenandoah County, VA
Crabill 03 Crabill, Henry; Miller, Andrew; Miller, Margaret Crabill Page County, VA; Shenandoah County, VA; Rockingham County, VA
Crabill 04 Crabill, David; Crabill, Mary Keller; Lambert Shenandoah County, VA
Crabill 05 Crabill, Abraham; Crabill, Benjarmin R.; Crabill, David; Crabill, George K.; Crabill, Mary Frances Ebert; Crabill, Rebecca; Keller, George Shenandoah County, VA
Crabill 06 Crabill, Samuel; Catherine Balthis Toms Brook VA; Shenandoah County VA
Crabtree Crabtree, Mary Frances Ritenour; Crabtree, Ronald Frank; Crabtree, William S. Marion, VA; Fairfax County, VA; Washington DC
Cragelow Cragelow, Johannes; Cragelow, John; Cragelow, Maria Catharina Heberling; Cragelow, Samuel; Creglow; Craiglo; Kreglough; Krecklo; Kreglow Shenandoah County, VA; Ohio; Adams County, PA; Lehigh County, PA
Craig 01 Craig, Benjamin Dillard; Craig, John; Craig, Thomas Benton; Craig, Wyatt Benton Shenandoah County, VA
Craig 02 Craig, Walton Mt. Jackson, VA
Cranston Cranston, Nancy; Cranston, Sarah A. Burns; Cranston, William Shenandoah County, VA; Wood County, WV; Wythe County, VA
Creek Creek, John; Creek, Rebecca; Giger, Anna Creek Orts; Giger, Barbara Klein; Giger, George; Heestant, Henry Lanchaster County, PA, Shenandoah County, VA; Greenbrier County, VA
Crider 01 Crider, Jacob; Crider, Magdalene Beeler; Crider, Martin; Crider, William Rockingham County, VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Crider 02 Crider, Jefferson Davis; Crider, George; Crider, Nicholas; Crider, Virginia Ellen Drummond; Lake; Manuel; Nichaas Shenandoah County, VA
Crim 01 Crim, Eliza Clinedinst; Clinedinst, Jacob R. Jr. Shenandoah County, VA
Crim 02 Caldwell, Sarah Crim Caldwell; Caldwell, William; Crim, Elizabeth Copp; Crim, John; Crim, George; Offenbacker, David L.; Offenbacker, Sophia Crim; Richwine Abram; Richwine, Elizabeth Crim Shenandoah County, VA; Wayne County, IN
Crisp Crisp, George; Crisp, Jacob; Crisp, John; Crisp, Joseph; Crisp, Nicholas, Jr.; Crisp, Nicholas, Sr. Augusta County, VA; Frederick County, VA; Rockingham County, VA
Crittenberger Brubaker,Abraham; Brubaker, Barbara Miller; Brubaker, John; Brubaker, Peter; Miller, Jacob; Mauck Culpeper County, VA; Page County, VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Cron Cron, Barbara; Cron, Ferguson; Cron, Jane Abell; Cron, John; Cron, Joseph; Cron, Nehemiah; Cron, Nicklos; Cron, Uriah; Cron, William Augusta County, VA; Rockingham County, VA
Crookshank Crookshank, Jonathan; Crookshank, John; Cloverfield, Mary; Hockman, Mary Augusta County, VA; Greenbrier County, VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Crow Crow, Anne; Walter Crow Shenandoah County, VA
Crume Crume, Daniel; Crume, Jesse; Crume, Moses; Crume, Philip; Crume, Ralph; Crume, Lt. Col. Ralph; Crume, Sarah Marks Shenandoah County, VA
Crumley Crumley, Catherine; Crumley, James; Crumley, John; Gilkey, David; Faulkner; Hagen Frederick County, VA; Pennsylvania
Cullars Cullars, George; Cullars, Matthew Rockingham County, VA; Georgia
Cullers Cullers, Jacob; Cullers, John; Cullers, Maria Anna Muller Shenandoah County, VA
Cullers 02 Cullers, Sarah; George Rabb; Abrahma Cullers; Mary Cullers Catawba County NC; Shenandoah County VA
Cunkle Cunkle, Jacob; Cunkle, Mary New Market, VA; Pennsylvania
Cunningham Cunningham, Adam, Sr.; Cunningham, Adam, Jr.; Cunningham, Arabela; Cunningham, Sarah Sinnet; Cunningham,  Shenandoah County, VA
Cunnyngham Cunnyngham, Arabella Good; Cunnyngham, James Shenandoah County, VA; Rockingham County, VA
Cupp Cupp, Jacob; Cupp, Sibby Breeding Shenandoah County, VA
Curyea Curyea, Elizabeth; Curyea, Henry; Coryea, John; Coryea, Lydia Sager; Coryea, Philip New Market, VA; Cumberland County, PA; Indiana
Cypher Cypher, Matthias Shenandoah County, VA
Dake Dake, John; Catharine Dake Shenandoah County, VA
Dalton Dalton, Caleb Woodstock, VA; Chesterfield County VA; Shenandoah County, VA
David David, Henry; Nancy Moland Shenandoah County, VA
Davis 01 Davis, William; Elizabeth Cherryholms Shenandoah VA; Powhatten VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Davis 02 Davis, Henry; Eliza Davis Pendleton County WV
Day Day, John; Ellenora Tanner Shenandoah County, VA
Decker Decker, Christley; Rosenberger, Mary Ann; Andrew Jackson Decker Page County VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Deets Deets, Michael; Elizabeth Miller Deets  
Delay Dela; Delayay; Deley; Delayay, James; Sarah Delaya; Robert Worthington; John Rumsey; David Wamsley; John Deley; Bowman Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Dellinger 01 Lichliter  
Dellinger 02 Hornish; Karsh Shenandoah County, VA
Dellinger 03 Hetzell; Hockman; George Dellinger; Dorthea/Dorothy Dellinger Shenandoah County, VA
Dellinger 04 Dellinger, Christian Shenandoah County, VA
Dellinger 05 Dellinger, William E.  
Dennison Dennison, Thomas; Rennett, Marie; Washington Bennett; James S. Dennison Ireland; Ohio; Washington County PA; Shenandoah County, VA
Denton 01 Denton, Jonas; John Denton Sr. Fort Valley VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Denton 02 Denton, Abraham Jr.; Mary O'dell Denton; Abraham Denton III; Mornins Hogg Denton Caswell County NC; Toms Brook VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Denton 03 Denton, Jacob; Elizabeth Spangler Denton; John Denton Jr; Margaret Weaver Denton; Jonas Denton; Jane Ann Denton; Hardenbroch Shenandoah County, VA
Derrick 01 Dowman, Nicholas; Catherine Bowman Derrick; George Bowman; Maria Barbara Keller Bowman Forrestville VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Derrick 02 Derrick, George; Hanna Maria Derrick; Waerther; Simon Derrick; Henry Derrick Shenandoah County, VA
Derting Derting, Adam; Philip Derting; Jacob Miller; Squire Derting; Elkannah; Darting; Dirting Shenandoah County, VA
Deschler Deschler, Gottlieb; Abraham Deschler; Dreshler, John; Lucy Johnson Deshler; Fought; Armentrout Edinburg VA; Pennsylvania; Shenandoah County, VA
DeVaughn Devaun, James; Devon; James Deven; Sarah Campbell Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Dickerson Dickerson, Henry; Thomas Dickerson; Mary Northcraft Dickerson Texas; Shenandoah County, VA
Dilbeck 01 Dilbeck, Abraham Fort Valley VA; Shenandoah County, VA; Pennsylvania; Spartansburg Shenandoah County
Dilbeck 02 Dilbeck, Abraham; Dilbeck, Mary  
Dilbeck 03 Dilbeck, Abraham Shenandoah County, VA
Dilsaver 01 Dilsaver, George; Mary Dilsaver; William North Shenandoah County, VA
Dilsaver 02 Dilsaver, George; Dlsaver, Mar; Dlsaver, William North; Weaver, Samuel  
Dingledine Dingledine, Nicholas; John Balser Dingledine; William Johnston Dingledine Shenandoah County, VA
Disponet   Shenandoah County, VA
Doctor 01 Doctor, Martin; George Doctor; Mary Boughman Doctor; Simon Harr Shenandoah County, VA
Doctor 02 Doctor, Eleanore; John Sterling; Martin Doctor Preston County VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Dodson 01 Dodson, Catherine Reanner (Rena) Clark County OH; Shenandoah County, VA
Dodson 02 Dodson, Nancy E.; Foltz; Jacob Dodson; Dianna Dodson; Anna Frances Dodson Stark County OH; Shenandoah County, VA
Dodson 03 Dodson, William Shenandoah County, VA
Doll Doll, Peter; Sager, Elizabeth  
Doran Westkamp, Mary Elizabeth; John Doran; Patrick Doran; Patrick McFadden Edinburg VA; Winchester VA
Dosh 01 Dash, Christopher; Elizabeth Eberly Dash; Jeremiah Eberly; Margaret Baker Dosh; George Dosh; Martin Zea Shenandoah County, VA
Dosh 02 Sonner Shenandoah County, VA
Downey Downey, Daniel  
Driver Driver; Treiber Rockingham County VA
Drum  Drum, Lydia; Drumm; John Drum; Margaret Drum Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Duke   Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County, VA
Dunavan Dunavan, William; Caty Gay Dunavan Rockingham County VA
Duncan Duncan, Martha; Petterson; Houston Shenandoah County, VA
Eagle Eagle, Thomas; John Nichols; Elizabeth Nichols Eagle Fort Valley, VA; Shenandoah County VA
Earhart Earhart, Michael; Christine Decker Earhart Shenandoah County VA
Easterly 01 Easterly, George; Conrad Easterly Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Easterly 02 Easterly, John; George Easterly Sr.; James Easterly; Beard Easterly; Conrad Easterly  
Eddy Eddy, James; Morgan Eddy; Reuben Eddy Shenandoah County VA
Edmonds Edmonds, Thomas; Emily Long Edmonds; Long; Edmubds Shenandoah County VA
Effinger Effinger, John Ignatis; Effinger, Barbara Cook; Bender, Sam; Bender, William; Bender, George ; Effinger, Mary  
Eilles Eilles, John; Ida Whitmer Eilles; Thomas Eilles Shenandoah County VA; Durham County England
Elmore Ridgeway New Jersey; Frederick County VA; Ohio
Elzey  Elzey, William; Keziah Sexton; Joseph Sexton; Phebe Campbell Sextan; Thomas Elzey Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Eppler Eppler, Anna; Christopher Huffman; John Eppler; Miller; Adam Andes Shenandoah County VA
Eshelman Eshelman, Samuel; Marey Ann Eshelman; Rudolph Eshelman; Elizabeth Eshelam; Catherine Spengler Shenandoah County VA; Warren County VA
Estep 01 Estep, John; Samuel Estep; Elizabeth Tusing Estep; Thomas Estep Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA; Ohio; Indiana
Estep 02 Estep, John; Samuel Estep; Thomas Estep; Sally Silfus Estep Shenandoah County VA
Evans Evans, Samuel; Somersall  
Evans 02 Evans, Joseph; Hezekiah Evans; David Evans Fort Valley VA; Shenandoah County VA
Evans 03   Shenandoah County VA
Evans 04 Wisman Edinburg VA
Evans 05 Evans, Francis; Bertha Virginia Miley Edinburg VA
Evans 06 Evans, Augustus; Joseph Evans Shenandoah County VA
Evans 07 Evans, Joseph Edinburg VA
Evans 08 Evans, David; Freeman, Sarah; Evans, Joseph; Tharp, Virginia; Evans, Lucy; Ward, P.L.; Evans, Jennie B.; Shiflett, George  
Evy Evy, John; Laban Eye Shenandoah County VA; Buck Hill VA
Fadley Helsley; Lindamood; Ludwick; Shoumen  
Falkenburg Falkenburg, Andrew; Jacob Falkenberg; Henry Falkenberg Shenandoah County VA
Falkner Falkner, John  
Fansler 01 Fansler, Margaret; Dietrick Fansler; Lock Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Fansler 02 Fansler, Jacob; Fansler, Dietrich West Virginia; Pennsylvania
Fansler 03 Fansler, Johann Dietrick; Stein, Elisabeth Margaretha; Fansler, Frederick; Moyer, Barbara Shenandoah County VA
Farra Farra, Lizzie; Laura Farra; McCoy; Strickler Shenandoah County VA
Farrer Farrer, Aquilla Woodstock VA
Fauber 01   Shenandoah County VA
Fauber 02 Fauber, Jacob Shenandoah County VA
Faulkenberg Faulkenberg, Andrew; Fortenberry Mississippi; Shenandoah County VA; Narrow Passage VA
Faust Faust, Heinrick  
Fawcett 01 Fawcett, Benjamin Shenandoah County VA
Fawcett 02 Fawcett Fredirck County VA
Feather Keller, George Shenandoah County VA
Featheringill Featheringill, George; Settlemire; Fetherling Shenandoah County, VA; Warren County, VA
Feazle Wogan, Daniel; Elizabeth Feazle; Anna Bowers Shenandoah County VA
Feller Gefeller Shenandoah County VA
Fender Andrew Finter; George Fender; Catherine Fender; Margaret Peggy Hollar; Henry Finter; Catherine Lance; Peter Haller Yourk Co PA; Highland Co OH; Shenandoah Co VA
Fetzer Fetzer, John; Margaret Fetzer; Shockley; King Shenandoah County VA; Tennessee
Fifer Fifer, John; Reuben Branham; Rebecca McFarlin Shenandoah County VA; Woodstock VA
Fine   Shenandoah County VA
Finnell Finnell, Reuban; William Finnell Shenandoah County VA
Fisher 01 Fisher, George Shenandoah County VA; Strasburg VA
Fisher 02 Fisger, Iriah; Elizabeth Fisher; Grant Shenandoah County VA; Pennsylvania
Fisher 03 Fisher, Amos; Lucinda Supinger Shenandoah County VA
Fisher 04 Fisher, Charles Strasburg VA
Fisher 05 Fisher, Isaac Fishers Hill VA
Fisher 06 Fisher, George; David Fisher; Baker; Jones; Pifer Stoney Creek; Shenandoah County VA
Fleming Fleming, John  
Flick Flick, Peter; Nancy Eleanor Flick; Frances Virginia Flick Shenandoah County VA
Flowers Ludwick, Sophia Flowers; John Ludwick Shenandoah County VA
Fogle 01 Fogle, Michael; Fogle, Simon Peter; Good; William Fogle Powells Fort; Shenandoah County VA; New Market VA
Fogle 02 Fogle, Michael; Bush, Margaret; Fogle, Margaret Bushong; Bushong, John; Bushong, Magdalene Bauserman  
Followell Followell, John; Follawell Elizabeth Helm; Helm; Calmes; Followill Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Foltz 01 Foltz, George Peter; Johann Peter Foltz; Peter Foltz  
Foltz 02 Foltz, Peter; Elizabeth Mantiem Foltz  
Foltz 03 Foltz, Daniel; Voltz; Anna Catherine Foltz; Goerge Lonas; Helsley Shenandoah County VA
Foltz 04 Foltz, David Shenandoah County VA
Foltz 05 Foltz, James Thomas; Vennie Ozella Foltz Shenandoah County VA
Foltz 06 Foltz, Johan Peter; Sager Shenandoah County VA
Foltz 07 Foltz, Mary Anna; Catherine Foltz; Robert Foltz; Joshua Foltz Shenandoah County VA
Foltz 08 Foltz, Joshua; Elizabeth Wagner Foltz Shenandoah County VA
Foltz 09 Fultz, Martin Johan; Daniel Fultz Shenandoah County VA
Foltz 10 Foltz, John W.; Mary Magdelene Foltz Funk; Johan Peter Foltz  
Foltz 11 Foltz, Joseph Sr.; Peter Foltz; Susannah Overholtzer Foltz; Stickley Shenandoah County VA
Foltz 12 Foltz, Martin; Margaret Foltz Shenandoah County VA
Foltz 13 Foltz, Johannes; Anna Catherine Foltz Zallnofenine; Fultz, Margaret; Huffman Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA; Rockingham County VA
Foltz 14 Foltz, Joseph  
Foreman   Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Foster 01 Foster, Robert H.; Mildred Foster; Turner Foster; Mary Garrott Foster Charlottesville VA; Ohio; Fauquier County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Foster 02 Foster, Meridith; Peggy Foster; Jonathon Foster; Robert Foster; Leake Shenandoah County VA; Warren County VA; Prince William County VA
Fout Fout, Adam; Mary Margaret Barbe Fout Shenandoah County VA
Fowler Fowler, Philip, Mary, Margaret, (MatthewAdams Stickney Family)  
Fox 01 Fox, Adam; Catherine Eibr Fox; Derrick; Rausch; Snavely Shenandoah County VA; Meigs County OH
Fox 02 Fox, James; Elizabeth Fox; Enoch Fox Shenandoah County VA
Fox 03 Fox, Enoch; James Fox Shenandoah County VA; Warren County VA; Page County VA
Fravel 01 Fravel, Mary Etta; William Fravel; Sarah Jane Perry Shenandoah County VA; Ray County MO
Fravel 02 Fravel, Henry Edinburg VA; Harrisonburg VA
Frederick 01 Frederick, John; Lydia Frederick; Rachel Earhart Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; Lancaster County PA
Frederick 02 Fredric, Jacob; P.E. Fredrick; Edmund Fredrick; Elizabeth Fry Fredrick Shenandoah County VA
Freet Freed; Joseph Freet; Martha Reilley Freet; Joseph Freet Shenandoah County VA; Carroll County MO
French French, Henry; Katherine Shultz French; Glicks; Ayer Shenandoah County VA; Holt County MO; Morgan County IN
Friermood Friermood, Matthias Shenandoah County VA; Clark County OH
Fritts Fritts, Thomas J.; Harriet Creamer Warren County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Fry 01 Fry, Johann; Phillipina Fry Shenandoah County VA
Fry 02 Fry, Henry; Jacob Fry Shenandoah County VA
Fry 03 Fry, Lydia; David Dellinger; Elijah Lindamood Shenandoah County VA
Fry 04 Fry, John; Ellis Fry; Pence Shenandoah County VA
Fry 05 Fry, John; Elizabeth Fry Shenandoah County VA
Fry 06 Fry, Mary Magdaline; Peter Pitsenburger; Joseph Fry; Baker Shenandoah County VA; Green County VA; Wardensville WV
Fry 07 Fry, John; Catherine Fry; Grandstaff; Sarah E. Beazley Fry Shenandoah County VA
Fry 08 Fry, Peter; Frye, Lydia Jane; Dellinger, David; Fry, John; Dellinger, Christian; Dellinger, George; Fry, Elizabeth; eck, Magdalene; Hoffman, James  
Fry 09 Fry, Elizabeth; Kneisley, Chapman; Kneisley, Jacob; Kneisley, Barbara Shenandoah County VA
Frye Frye, John; Fry; Susannah Keeder Edinburg VA; Shenandoah County VA
Fuchs Fuchs, James; Elizabeth Bean Shenandoah County VA
Funk 01   Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Funk 02 Funk, Silas; Joseph Funk; Windle Shenandoah County VA
Funk 03   Shenandoah County VA
Funk 04 Funk, Henry Sr.; Henry Funk Jr; Elizabeth Miller Strasburg VA; Shenandoah County VA
Funk 05 Funk, Samuel; Elizabeth Cordell Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Funk 06 Funk, Joseph; Myers; Weaver; Kendrick Strasburg VA
Funk 07 Funk, Piper; Funck; Hoffman; Balthis Strasburg VA; Shenandoah County VA
Funk 08 Funk, Martin  
Funkhouser 01 Funkhouser, Jacob Shenandoah County VA, Switzerland
Funkhouser 02 Funkhouser, Robert Shenandoah County VA
Funkhouser 03 Funkhouser, Samuel Shenandoah County VA; Jerome
Funkhouser 04 Funkhouser, Henry  
Funkhouser 05 Funkhouser, Robert Daniel; Funkhouser, Jacob; Funkhouser, Jacob Jr; Funkhouser, Daniel; Funkhouser, Isaac  
Fuqua Rush, Rachel; Samuel McQuay; Daisy Fuqua; Lutz; Marian Fuqua; Martha Ellen McQuay Fucqua Shenandoah County VA
Galladay Golladay, Frank Howard; Lola Ella Galladay; Rinker  
Gangwere Gangwere, Jacob Shenandoah County VA; Lehigh County PA; Northampton County PA
Gann Gann, John Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Garlinger Garlinger, John; Elizabeth Garlinger; Weaver Shenandoah County VA; Ohio
Garrett Ohaver, Eliza; Ohaver, John V.; Ohaver, Jane Garrett; Garrett Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; Knox County IN
Garver Garver, Rosannah; Martin Garver; Samuel Garver; Eby; Garber Shenandoah County VA; Pennsylvania
Gatewood 01 Gatewood, Charles; Wright Gatewood; Simon Carson Williams; Louisiana Williams Shenandoah County VA
Gatewood 02 Gatewood, Charles; John Gatewood Shenandoah County VA
Gaw 01 Gaw, Robert; Barbara Rinker Gaw Shenandoah County VA
Gaw 02 Gaw, John; Robert Gaw; Rebecca Gaw Shenandoah County VA
Gay Gay, Catherine; Dr. Samuel Gay Shenandoah County VA
Geiger Kiger, George; Ann Artz Kiger; Geiger; Giger Shenandoah County VA
Gerlach Gerlach, John; Ribbal Shenandoah County VA
Gill 01 Gill, John; Andrew Henson Gill Shenandoah County VA; Belmont County OH
Gill 02 Gill, George William; Reverand Samuel Gill Shenandoah County VA; Illinois
Gillock Gillock, John Sr.; John Gillock Jr.; Hannah Gillock; Wolfenburger Shenandoah County VA; Orange County VA
Gimlin Gimlin, Andrew; Henry Hiestand; Histand; Hastant  
Gittinger Gittinger, Jacob; Barbara Gittinger; Jacob Shaffer; George Shafer Shenandoah County VA; New Market VA
Glick Glick, John; John Wine; John Garber; Martin Garber; Francis Neff; John Neff Shenandoah County VA
Glover Glover, William; Thomas Glover; John Glover Pine Forge; Shenandoah County VA; Culpeper County VA; Fairfax County VA
Gochenour 01 Cochenour, Barbara; Daniel Cochenour; David Cochenour; Gochenour Shenandoah County VA
Gochenour 02 Gochenour, Jacob; Hamman Peter Gochenour; Virginia Ellen Gochenour; Wisman Shenandoah County VA
Gochenour 03 Kochenour, Jacob; Catherine Cline; Harrell Shenandoah County VA
Goff Goff; Gough; Roper, Emeline  
Golladay 01 Golladay, Peyton; Catherine Rinker Golladay; Golliday Shenandoah County VA
Golladay 02 Golladay, Elizabeth; Honaker  
Golladay 03 Golladay, Jonathan; Golladay David; Whereley, Mary; Bell, Martha  
Golliday 01 Golliday, Henry E.; James William Golliday; Attilia Jane Golliday Shenandoah County VA
Golliday 02 Golladay, Reuben; Golliday Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Good 01 Good, Anna; Jacob Good; John McNeal Shenandoah County VA; Washington County TN
Good 02 Good, Jackson; John Good; Elizabeth Good Shenandoah County VA
Good 03 Good, Arabella; James Cunningham Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Good 04 Good, Samuel Lemuel; John Good; Stublefield, Anne; Lavania; Stubblefield Shenandoah County VA
Good 05 Good, William; Maria Snavely Shenandoah County VA
Good 06 Good, William; Maria Snavely; Susannah Kauffman Shenandoah County VA
Good 07 Good, William H.; John Wesley Good; Shank Shenandoah County VA; Hagerstown Maryland
Good 08 Good, Lewis G, Jacob, Christian, Peter, Jacob Good (son) Abram, Jonas  
Good 09 Good, Jacob; Christian Good  
Goodrich 01 Goodrich, Joel; Newman Goodrich; Elizabeth Yost Shenandoah County VA
Goodrich 02 Taylor  
Gordon Kendall, Margaret; Gordon; Margaret Kidwell; John Kendall; Arnold Gordon; Miller Shenandoah County VA; Warren County VA
Gore 01 Gore, David; William Gore; Henry Gore Shenandoah County VA; Franklin County VA; Frederick County VA
Gore 02 Gore, Joseph; John Gore; Henry Gore Shenandoah County VA
Gore 03 Gore, John; Goare; Elizabeth Gore Shenandoah County VA
Gore 04 Gore, John Sr. New Market VA; Shenandoah County VA
Grabill 01 Grabill, Christian Shenandoah County VA
Grabill 02 Crabill, Christian Shenandoah County VA
Grabill 03 Hershbergers; Crabills; Blosser; Coffman Shenandoah County VA
Grandle Crandle; Godfrey; Grandle; Haskins, Elizabeth Page County VA; New Market VA
Grandstaff 01 Stoneburner  
Grandstaff 02 Grandstaff, Cora; Samuel Tusing; Miller Shenandoah County VA
Grandstaff 03   Edinburg VA
Grandstaff 04 Grandstaff, Matilda Woodstock VA
Grandstaff 05 Grandstaff, George Shenandoah County VA
Grandstaff 06 Grandstaff, John; Isabella Grandstaff; Philip Grandstaff; Margaret Murray; John Holius Grandstaff Shenandoah County VA
Grandstaff 07 Grandstaff, George Shenandoah County VA
Grant Grant, Evan; Grant, George; Grant, Jacob; Grant, Chapman  
Greathouse   Shenandoah County VA; Pennsylvania
Greathouse 02 Greathouse, John Shenandoay County VA; Dunmore County VA; Frederick County Va
Green 01 Green, Isaac; Nanny Green; Ivan Green Shenandoah County VA
Green 02   Shenandoah County VA; Forestville VA
Greissinger   Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; Rockingham County VA
Griffith 01 Griffith, Mary Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA; Warren County VA
Griffith 02 Maccubbin; Griffith Maryland
Griffy Griffy, Nathaniel Shenandoah County VA; New Market VA
Grigsby 01 Grigsby, Thomas Rockingham County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Grigsby 02 Grigsby, Jesse Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA
Grigsby 03 Grigsby, Peter Rockbridge County VA
Grigsby 04 Grigsby, Catherine; Samuel Beaty; Jesse Grigsby; Elizabeth Grigsby; Redman Grigsby Shenandoah Couny VA
Grim 01 Grim, Peter Shenandoah County VA
Grim 02 Grim, Jacob; Isaac Grim; Rebecca Grim Shenandoah County VA
Grim 03 Grim, Peter; George Grim Shenandoah County VA
Grim 04 Grim, Philip; George Grim; Grum Strasburg VA; Shenandoah County VA
Grim 05 Grim; Eddy  
Grim 06 Balthis, William; Margaret Grim; John Grim; George Grim; Conrad Grim Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; Washington County, Maryland
Grim 07 Grim, Philip; John Grim; Charles Grim; Daniel Grim  
Groff Groff, William Meyersdale PA; Somerset PA
Groover Grove Page County VA
Groves Grove, Mark Page County VA
Grubb Grubb, Peter  
Guthery Guthrie, William; Isaiah Roberts Shenandoah County VA
Gutshall Gutshall, John; Gottleib Gutshall Augusta VA; Pennsylvania
Haas Haas, John; Mary Haas; Phillip Haas; George Haas Licking County OH; Shenandoah County VA
Hall  01 Hall, Richard; Rebeka Cloud Warren County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Hall  02 Hall, Thomas; Hall, Sarah Strosnider; Hall, Thomas Hampton  
Hallar Haller, Peter; Heinrich Hallar Jr; Eva Rubel; Heinrich Haller Sr; Johannes Rubel Sr; Johannes Rubel Jr; Ann Dorothea Haller Lancaster Co PA
Hamacher Hamaker, John; Spears, Elizabeth Augusta County VA
Hamaker Hamachor; Haymaler; John Hamaker; Spears Woodstock VA; Patrick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Hambaugh 01 Hambaugh, John; Dent Hambaugh Warren County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Hambaugh 02 Hambaugh, Mony; James McKay Shenandoah County VA
Hamilton 01 Hamilton, Robertson; Elizabeth Bough Shenandoah County VA
Hamilton 02 Hamilton, Harvey; Linda Owens; John Hamilton Shenandoah County VA
Hamman 01 Hamman, Absolum; David Hammon; Jacob Pence Shenandoah County VA
Hamman 02 Hamman, George; George Hamman Jr.; George C. Hamman; Catherine Schmucker; Kate Fravel Shenandoah County VA
Hammond Chambers, Jacqueline Crawford Hammond Strasburg VA, Orange County, CA
Hamrick   Maurertown VA; Ohio; Illinois; South Carolina; Shenandoah County VA
Hancock 01 Hancock, John; George Hancock; William Hurst; James; Charles Shenandoah County VA
Hancock 02 Hancock, William; Sarah Harding Kentucky; Fluvanna County VA; Henrio County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Hand Hand, William Fauquier County VA; Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Hannon Hannon, Henry; Hammons Strasburg VA; Shenandoah County VA
Harbough Harbough; Harpole Hardy County WV; Augusta County VA; Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Harding Harding, Nicholas; Honey Harding; Ann Paget Shenandoah County VA
Harmon Harman Shenandoah County VA
Harness Harness, Christian; Harnish; Snyder Shenandoah County VA
Harr Harr, Simon Shenandoah County VA
Harrell Harell, John; Sharps; Jacob Harold  
Harrington 01 Harrington, Daniel; David Gervais Harrington; Ridenmar Ireland; Shenandoah County VA
Harrington 02 Harrington, Daniel; Daniel Gervais; Mary Ridenour  
Harris Harris, Dr. Sutton Isaac Frederick County VA; Winchester VA; Shenandoah County VA
Harrison Harrison, Burr; Mary Barnes Harrison; Millburn; John Harrison Dearborn County IN; Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Harry  Harry, Martin; Hutchinson; DeWitt Shenandoah County VA; Washington County VA
Harshbarger Harshbarher, Jacob Shenandoah County VA
Haughn 01 Haughn, John; Horn; Haun; Hawn Shenandoah County VA
Haughn 02 Haughn, Nicholas; Houn Shenandoah County VA
Haun 01 Haun, James Shenandoah County VA
Haun 02 Haun, John C.; Sonnanstine, Eliza  
Hawes Hawes, Jacob; Haas Shenandoah County VA
Hawkins 01 Hawkins, Joseph; Strother Hawkins; Andy Hawkins Shenandoah County VA
Hawkins 02 Hawkins, John; Ann Hawkins; Eliza Hawkins; Daniel Hawkins Shenandoah County VA
Hawley Hawley, Peter; Benjamen Hawley Shenandoah County VA
Hay Hay, Alexander Page County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Haymaker Haymaker, Peter; David Haymaker; Haramaker Stoney Creek; Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Headley   Shenandoah County VA
Heiskell Heiskell, Amelia; Jacob Shyrock; Frederick Heiskell; Catherine Heiskell; Steidinger Monroe County TN; Shenandoah County VA
Helmich Helmich, John; John Mayberry Shenandoah County VA
Helmick Helmick, John; Adam Helmick; William Helmick; Margaret Helmick; Nicholas Helmick Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Helsley 01 Coffelt, Jacob; Christopher Helsley; Stopfel; Maria Helsley Shenandoah County VA
Helsley 02 Helsley, George; Mary Ann Helsley; Heltzel; Jessie M. Dyer Hardy County WV; Shenandoah County VA
Helsley 03 Helsley, George Jacob; Foltz Shenandoah County VA
Helsley 04 Helsley, Larry  
Helsley 05 Helsley; Fry; Estep Shenandoah County, VA
Heltzel 01 Heltzel, Jacob; Helsel; Haltzelle; Hetzell Shenandoah County VA
Heltzel 02 Heltzel, John Charles; Heltzel, Phillip; Keister, Elizabeth  
Hemp Hemp, Christopher; Casper Hemp; Magdelena Spore Hemp; Stophel Hemp Augusta County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Henckel Henckel, Rev. Anthony Jacob New Market VA; Shenandoah County VA
Henderson Henderson, Rachel; William Henderson; Nancy Henderson; William Murphy Shenandoah County VA
Hendren Hendren, John H.; Rebecca Hendren Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Hendrickson  Hendrickson, Levi; Joseph Hendrickson; Mayburry Goheen Balthis; Mary Ellen Hendrickson; Simon Hendrickson Pennsylvania; Loudoun County VA
Henkel 01 Henkel, David Socrates; Polycary Henkel Shenandoah County VA
Henkel 02 Henkel, Dr. Solon Shenandoah County VA
Henry 01 Henry, Aaron; Patrick Henry; Moses Henry Shenandoah County VA
Henry 02 Henry, George; Finel Borden; John Henry; Vinet Henry; Lidgard Henry Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Henry 03 Henry, William; Fogel Shenandoah County VA
Henry 04 Henry, Nancy Ann; Spitler, Jacob Shenandoah County, VA; Dunmore County, VA
Henson 01 Hanson Green County VA; Greenbrier County WV; Shenandoah County VA
Henson 02 Henson, Walter Putnam County WV; Shenandoah County VA
Henson 03 Henson, Joseph  
Henton Henton, George; Mary Rigney Shenandoah County VA
Hepner 01 Hepner; Fox  
Hepner 02 Hepner; Plaugher; Kelley Shenandoah County VA
Hershberger 01 Grove Shenandoah County VA
Hershberger 02 Hershberger, Jacob; Hershberger, John Page County VA; Pennsylvania; Shenandoah County VA
Hickel Hickel; Hickle; Burns; Bevins Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Higgs Funkhouser, William; Higgs; Jenkins Frederick County VA; Rockingham County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Hill 01 Hill, Grace; Oshburn  
Hill 02 Hill; Cooley West Virginia; Shenandoah County VA
Hines Hines, Thomas; Andrick Shenandoah County VA
Hinkins Hinkins, George; Hannah Marker; John Cooper Shenandoah County VA
Hinton   Shenandoah County VA
Hisey 01 Heyser, Henry; Findley Kentucky; Shenandoah County VA
Hisey 02 Hisey, Joseph  
Hisey 03 Heysey; Johannes Hisey; Christian Hisey Ohio; Shenandoah County VA
Hisey 04 Hisey, Jacob; Christian Hisey; Hollar Shenandoah County VA
Hisey 05 Hisey, Samuel Shenandoah County VA
Hisey 06 Fultz, Rosina; Christian Hisey Greenbrier County WV; Augusta County VA
Hisey 07 Hisey; Hisey, Hans; Hisey, Christain; Hisey, Jacob  
Hite 01 Hite, Isaac; Purdon, Polly Shenandoah County VA
Hite 02 Hite; McIntire; Turner; Alexander Hite West Virginia; Ohio; Shenandoah County VA
Hite 03 Hite, Alexander; Ann Hite; James Kenso  
Hite 04 Hite, Mathias; Michael Hite Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Hite 05   Page County VA
Hizer Hizer; Hisey; Heyser  
Hockman 01 Hockman, Jacob; Mary Denlinger Shenandoah County VA; Pennsylvania; Strasburg VA
Hockman 02 Hockman, Jacob; Neff; Kagey  
Hockman 03 Hockman, Henry; Dillinger, Rebecca; Abraham Hockman  
Hockman 04 Hockman, Jacob; John Hackman Shenandoah County VA
Hockman 05 Hockman, Jacob, Nancy, Mary, Abraham, Elizabeth; Artz John Strasburg VA; Shenandoah County VA
Hoffman 01 Hoffman, Christian; Mary Ralthis; Andrew Hoffman; Franley Stover; Rebecca Miley; Katherine Balthis; Philip Hoffman; Elizabeth Stover; John Balthi; John Hoffman; Henry Fravel Strasburg VA; Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
Hoffman 02 Huffman; Huffman, Robert Shenandoah County VA
Hoffman 03 Hoffman; Huffman  
Holeman Holeman, Daniel; Cartley  
Hollar Hollar, Isreal; Zirkle  
Holman 01 Holman, Daniel  
Holman 02 Holeman, Jacob; Daniel Holeman; Thomas Holeman  
Holman 03 Holman, Daniel  
Hoover Hoover; White  
Hoover 2 Hoover, John, Mary, Christian, Woolrich, Matthias, Susanna Hoover Mentzer  
Hopewell Hopewell, Samuel; Northern; Miller; McInturff Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Hornsby Hornsby, Leonard Shenandoah County VA; Fort Valley VA
Hotsenpiller Hotsimpiller, Jacob; Elizabeth Ramey Hotsimpiller; Catherine Buck Hotsimpiller Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; McLean County IL
Hottel Hottel, John Conrad; Esther Hottel; Ephraim Hottel; Scharf Shenandoah County VA
Houdesheldt Houdesheldt, Michael; George Houdesheldt Shenandoah County VA
House 01 House, Adam; Hause; Hauss; Matthias House Madison County VA; Shenandoah County VA
House 02 Haas; Haus; Jaeckler Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Houser Houser, Henry Homan's Creek; Shenandoah County VA
Hudlow Hudlow, Jacob; Dunson; Huber Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Hudson Hudson, Thomas; Richard Hudson; Dorthy Helsey Hudson Shenandoah County VA
Huffman 01 Huffman, Henry; Fredrick Huffman Shenandoah County VA
Huffman 02 Huffman, Clifford; Christian Huffman Shenandoah County VA; Madison County VA
Huffman 03 Huffman, Philip; Michael Huffman Shenandoah County VA
Huffman 04 Huffman, John, Lydia, Glen; Snapp- Glen, Jacob Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA; Luray VA
Huffman 05 Huffman, Frederick; Huffman, Emanel; Huffman, Sarah Freeman; Long, Ester Huffman; Long, Reben; Keyser; Funkhouser; Bumgardner  
Hughes Huges, Richard; Mary Huges; Amanda Holmes; Mary Hughes; Burner; Martin Shenandoah County VA
Humphrey Humphrey, Richard; Joseph Humphrey; Rebecca Humphrey; Miller Shenandoah County VA
Hunt Hunt, John Tipton Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA; Frederick County VA
Hunter Hunter, William; John Hunter Shenandoah County VA; Texas
Huntsberger Huntsberger, Susanna; Isaac Coffman; John Huntsberger Shenandoah County VA
Hurst 01 Hurst, Absalom Shenandoah County VA
Hurst 02 Hurst, Thomas; Sylvia Breeding; Elizabeth Bridwell Shenandoah County VA
Hurt Hurt, Concord; Hurt, George; Hurtt; Hurd; Howdyshell; Houdyshell, Jacob Shenandoah County VA
Hussey Jones, Jacob; Indianna Jones Shenandoah County VA
Hutcheson Hutcheson, John; Mary Margaret Dirting Shenandoah County VA
Hyde 01 Hyde, Joseph; Elizabeth Snapp Shenandoah County VA; Toms Brook VA
Hyde 02 Hyde, Joseph; Elizabeth Hyde Shenandoah County VA; Pennsylvania
Hyde 03 Hyde, John Shenandoah County VA
Hyde 04   Shenandoah County VA
Ilor Illor; Oiler, Mark; Ilor, Henry; Conrad Ilor; Jonas Ilor Shenandoah County VA
Jackson Jackson, Moses; John Jackson Green County GA; Shenandoah County VA
Jacobs Dinges; Douglas Frederick County VA 
Jenkins 01 Jenkins, Benjamin; Jenkins, Elizabeth; Benhold Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Jenkins 02 Jenkins, Benjamin B.  
Jenkins 03 Jenkins, Richard; Silas; Elizabeth; John; Abraham; Anthony; William; Timothy; Benjamen; Ephraim Cave; Joshua Culpeper County VA; Madison County VA; Rockingham County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Jenkins 04 Jenkins, Roland; John; James; Zacariah; Abraham; William A.; Joel; John Newton; Frederick; Greenberry; Ramsbottom, Clary; Lake, Elias; Wilis, Hiram Madison County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Jennings 01 Jennings, William; Marion Jennings; Woodard Smith Warren County VA; Shenandoah County VA; Culpeper County VA; Page County VA; Frederick County VA
Jennings 02 Jennings, John; Jennings William; Margaret Payne Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Job 01 Job, Araham; Molly Vaugh Job Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Job 02 Job, Joshua; David Jobe Shenandoah County VA
Job 03 Jobe, Elizabeth; Jonathan Phillips; Patience Job Shenandoah County VA
Job 04 Job, Joshua; Margaret, McKay Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Job 05 Job, Patience; Jobs, Elizabeth; Job, Hannah; Mouser, Mary Shenandoah County VA
Jones 01 Jones, J. David Ohio, Illinois
Jones 02 Jones, Isaac; Henry Denmead Jones Shenandoah County VA
Jones 03 Jones, Thomas Page County VA; Frederick County VA; Spencer County IN; Shenandoah County VA
Jones 04 Jones, James; John W. Jones; Eliza Noland Michigan; Strasburg VA; Shenandoah County VA
Jordan 01 Jordan, John; Henry Jordan; Maria Breeding Rockingham County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Jordan 02 Jordan, Royal (Roy); Lester Jordan; Ray Elbert Jordan; Dorsey; Lutz Shenandoah County VA
Jordan 03 Jordan, Reuben; Funkhouser; Stover, Sarah Shenandoah County VA; Mt. Jackson VA
Judd Judd, Franey; John Judd; George Gander Page County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Judy Stoneberger, Dolly; Jacob Judy Sr.; Fred Stoneberger; Tschudy Page County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Kaffelt Coffelt; Coffman; Kauffman Edinburg VA; Shenandoah County VA
Kagey 01 Comer; Shirley New Market VA; Shenandoah County VA
Kagey 02 Kaegy; John M. Magdaline; George Painter Shenandoah County VA
Kagey 03 Kagey; Lloyd  
Kagey 04 Kagey marriages  
Kagey 05 Kagey cemeteries; maps  
Kagey 06 Kagey, Elizabeth  
Kaufeldt Coffelt; Coffman; Kauffman Shenandoah County VA
Kauffman 01 Coffman, Jacob; Catharine Coffman; Surber; John Wetzel  
Kauffman 02 Kauffman, John; Kauffman, Augustine Page County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Kauffman 03 Kauffman, Augustine  
Kaufman Coffman; Kaufman, Martin; Mary Limberger; Lionberger Page County VA; Shenandoah County VA
K'Burg Krunchenburg; K'Burg, John Henry Shenandoah County VA
Kearns Kearns, John Franklin; Kearns, Sarah Evans Shenandoah County VA
Keener 01 Kagi Shenandoah County VA
Keener 02 Keaner; David Keaner; Ulrick Keaner; Peter Keener Shenandoah County VA
Keezel Keezel, George, Will, Pheby, Andrew Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Kellar Miller; Keller; Balthis Charlottesville VA; Strasburg VA
Keller 01 Funk; Beydler; Burner Shenandoah County VA
Keller 02   Minnesota; West Virginia; Maryland; Shenandoah County VA
Keller 03 Keller, John; George Keller Shenandoah County VA
Keller 04 Crabill Shenandoah County VA
Keller 05 Saylor; Saylor, Godfrey; Keller, Jacob; Rinker, Mary Shenandoah County VA
Keller 06 Keller, Jacob; Keller Sebastian; Keller, Rosina; Keller, Catherine Hummer  
Kelly 01 Burgess Mt. Jackson VA; Shenandoah County VA
Kelly 02 Kelly, Edward; Joseph Keyser Shenandoah County VA
Kelly 03 Kelly, James; Sarepta Henry Culpeper County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Kelp John, Adam,Catherine  
Kelso Kelso, Robert; Jane Kelso Mt. Jackson VA; Shenandoah County VA
Keltner Stapleton; Slagle Shenandoah County VA
Kendrick 01 Smith; Abraham Kendrick; John Smith Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA; Staunton VA
Kendrick 02 Hoffman; Cooper Shenandoah County VA
Kent Kent, John; Lorain Estelle Kent; Hepner; Bowman Shenandoah County VA
Kerlin  03 Kerlin, Ephraaim; Kerlin, David; Walters, Elsa; Kully, Polly  
Kerlin 01 Layne, Amanda Kerlin; William Layne Madison County IN; Shenandoah County VA
Kerlin 02 Kerlin, Ephrain; Mary Kerlin; Kirlin; Karlin Shenandoah County VA
Kern 01 Kern, John; James Henry Kern; Henry Kern; Catherine Kern Page County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Kern 02 Kern, Samuel; Grove; Leonard Balthis; Miller; Mary Magdelene Balthis Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Kern 03 Kern, Henry; Catherine Hotzenpeller Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Keyser 01 Keyser, Joseph; John Keyser; Charles Keyser Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Keyser 02 Kiser West Virginia; Page County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Keyser 03 Charles Keyser; Andrew Keyser; John Keyser; David Keyser; Sarah Rinehart; Noah Keyser; Anna Roads; George Keyser; Esther Harshberger; Peter Keyser; Mary Ortz; Nancy Fray; Polly Brubaker Pittsburgh, PA; Page County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Kibler 01 Kibler, John; Elizabeth Rieger; William Rieger; Eve Pento; Harshbarger Ohio
Kibler 02 Kibler, Magdalena; Jacob Coffman Shenandoah County VA
Kibler 03 Gibler, John; Magdalena Kook; John Cook Shenandoah County VA
Kibler 04 Kibler, Christian; Pebler; Givelar; John Kibler Page County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Kibler 05 Kibler, Philip; Henry Kibler; Christian Kibler Shenandoah County VA
Kibler 06 Kibler, Theobold; Kibler, Adam; Pence, Barbara; Kibler, Isabelle; Painter, Susannah Shenandoah County VA
King King Torry Dale, Jerry; Keller, Donna Woodstock VA; Shenandoah VA
Kingery 01 Kingery, William Henry; Elizabeth Ware Shelby Ville TN;  Shenandoah County VA
Kingery 02 Kingrey, Daniel Shenandoah County VA
Kingery 03 Kingrey, John; Stagle, Henry; Keltiner, Christina Shenandoah County VA
Kingree 01 Kingree, Lemuel Reuben; Sarah Catherine Kingree Shenandoah County VA
Kingree 02 Kingree, John; Elizabeth Kerlin Shenandoah County VA
Kingree 03 Kingree, Solomon  
Kipps Gips, Jacob; David Moses Kipps; Jacob Kipps Shenandoah County VA
Kneisley 01 Kneisley,Folder 1- Lewis; Grove; Anderson Shenandoah County VA; Woodstock VA; Maryland
Kneisley 02 Kneisley, Folder 2-Charles L; Charles William Anthony; Bender Balthis Kneisley; Nancy Miller Kneisley Shenandoah County VA; Strasburg VA
Kneisley 3 Kneisley, George, Abraham, Daniel, John, Christian, Samuel, Anthony, Michael  
Kneisley 4 Kniesley; Nisley; Doerr; Krausin Shenandoah County VA
Kneisley 5 Kneisley, Anthony; Kneisley, Jacob; Kneisley, Reuben; Majors, Susan; Shaver, Eliza Shenandoah County VA
Kneisley 6 Kneisley, Chapman; Kneisley, Lewis C.; Fry, Elisabeth; Kneisley, George Chapman; Kneisley, Jacob Fletcher; Kneisley, John L.; Kneisley, Daniel Edgar; Kneisley, Kenneth Chapman Shenandoah County VA
Koontz 01 Coontz, Michael; Rebecca Coons; George Coons  
Koontz 02 Koontz, George Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
Koontz 03 Summer, Araham; Sarah Koontz; Countz Washington County PA; York County PA; Shenandoah County VA
Koontz 04 Koontz, John Henry; Emma Riddle; Riddelle; Hisey; Harrison Koontz Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
Kretsinger   Hardy County WV; Shenandoah County VA
Kronk Cronk; Foltz Shenandoah County VA
Krutchenburg Eppy, Barbara; Krutchenburg, John Henry Shenandoah County VA
Lacey Lacey, John; Lacy Rockingham County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Lahman 1 Martin, Abraham (father), Frances Stauffer, Peter, Fanny, Martin& Kate, Perry Blosser, Josep Brunk  
Lambert 01 Lambert, Henry Sr.: Henry Lambert Jr.   Shenandoah County VA
Lambert 02 Crabill; Isaac Lambert Jugenheim Germany;  Shenandoah County VA
Lambert 03 Lambert, Lawrence; Lambert, Mary; Smith, John P. Shenandoah County VA
Landfair Landfair, John; Landfer Ohio;  Shenandoah County VA
Lantz Lantz, George; Jacob Lantz  
Lantz 02 Lantz, George   
Larkin 01 Larkin, John; Nancy Larkin Page County VA;  Shenandoah County VA
Larkin 02 Larkin, John; Nancy Bell McCoy  Shenandoah County VA
Lawson Lawson, John, William; Burnett; Grigsby, Rebecca Shenandoah County VA
Layman 01 Layman, Benjamin  Shenandoah County VA
Layman 02 Layman, Jacob David; Elizabeth Layman; Hamman; Crotinger  Shenandoah County VA
Leach Leach, John; Daughty, Nancy; Thomas Leach  Shenandoah County VA
Leary Leary, John; Lary New Market VA
Leath 01 Leeth, Sarah Ann; Shealor, Henry; Leath; Shiler Page County VA;  Shenandoah County VA
Leath 02 Leith, Ebenezer; McKay, Nancy; Leath; Leeth; George Leath  Shenandoah County VA
Leath 03 Leath, James; Lydia McKay  Shenandoah County VA
Lechleiter Lechleiter, Johann Conrad  
Lechliter Lechliter, George E.; Lechliter, Johannes; Holzmann, Anna Maria Shenandoah County VA
Lee Lee, Permount; Henry Moats  Shenandoah County VA
Lentz 01 Lentz, George; Henry Lentz; Lantz  
Lentz 02 Lentz, John Henry; Sevilla Helsey  Shenandoah County VA
Leonard Leonard, John; Hinkle, Paul; Grim Katy, Sophia Shenandoah County VA; New Market VA; Rockingham County VA
Lesher Lesher, John, Mary; Guidart; Painter Shenandoah County VA
Lewis 01 Lewis, George; Rachel Chrisman  Shenandoah County VA
Lewis 02 Lewis John; Cunnynham, William, Amos, George; Chisman Shenandoah County VA; Kentucky; Tennessee
Lewis 03 Lewis, John; Lewis, Margaret Reece; Lewis, Mordecai Shenandoah County VA
  Lichliter, Johannes; Anna Maria Holtzman; Lechleider Fort Valley VA;  Shenandoah County VA
Lichliter 02 Dellinger, Elizabeth; James Lichliter  Shenandoah County VA
Ligget Ligget, Jane Ann; Henry Willard; Kibler; Grandstaff  Shenandoah County VA
Lindamood 01 Lindamood, Henrich; Abraham Lindamood; George H. Lindamood  Shenandoah County VA
Lindamood 02 Lindamood, Turner Gilbert  
Lindamood 03 Lindamood, Andrew; Foltz, Joshua; Lindamood, Elizabeth; Foltz, Robert; Lindamood, Mary Shenandoah County VA
Lindamood 04 Lindamood, John; Lindamood, George  
Lindamood 05 Lindamood, Andrew Shenandoah County VA; Boedigheim, Germany
Lineaweaver Line, Jacob; Margaret Pickle Pendleton County WV;  Shenandoah County VA
Linn Lindamood, Henrich; Abraham Lindamood; George H. Lindamood Frederick County VA;  Shenandoah County VA
Litten Good; Cletus Litten  Shenandoah County VA
Loch Loch, Catherine; John Lock; Locke; Lough Rockingham County VA;  Shenandoah County VA
Lock Lock, John; Moore, Reuben  
Lockmiller 01 Logmiller; George Logmiller; Jacob Lochmiller Orange County VA;  Shenandoah County VA
Lockmiller 02 Lockmiller, George; Dorthy Grottan Shenandoah County VA
Lockmiller 03 Jenkins Shenandoah County VA
Lockmiller 04 Lockmiller, George; Dorthy Grottan  
Lockner Lockney; Lockner, Henry; John Lockner  
Lonas  04 Lonas, Jacob; Dellinger, Mary; Lonas, George; Lonas, Leonard  
Lonas 01 Lonas, Leonard Sr.; Poke; Funkhouser; Bowman Shenandoah County VA
Lonas 02 Helsley, Sevilla; Henry Lonas Shenandoah County VA
Lonas 03 Lonas, Leonard; Copenhaver, Elizabeth; Lonas, George  
Long 01 Long, Conrad Rockingham County VA; Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA
Long 02 Long, Nimrod  Shenandoah County VA
Long 03 Long, Phillip; Paul Long; Lung  Shenandoah County VA
Long 04 Long, Henry; Nimrod; Barbara; Nathan; Philip; Lang, Georg; Rebecca; Johann Nicholas; Baker, Lewis Augusta County VA; Rockingham County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Longacre Langacre, Peter; Anders Longaker; Andrew Longacre  Shenandoah County VA
Longacres Ireson, William; Jacob Longacre Frederick County VA;  Shenandoah County VA
Lootz Loots, Jacob; Janey Wolf; Mari Wolf  Shenandoah County VA
Loudenback 01 Loudenback, Reuben R.; Mathias Loudenback Rockingham County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Loudenback 02 Loudenback, Joseph; Eve Baker  Shenandoah County VA
Louderback Louderback, Peter Henry; Barbara Louderback  Shenandoah County VA
Lout 01 Lout, Daniel; Jacob Lout; Laut; Louts; Lotz Strasburg VA; Ohio; Texas;  Shenandoah County VA
Lout 02 Lout, Daniel; Jacob Lout; Michael Lout Strasburg VA; Ohio;  Shenandoah County VA
Love Love, William Frederick County VA;  Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Loveless Loveless Luke, Barbara; Ridgeway; Stokes John Shenandoah County VA; Warren County Fauquier County
Lovingood Hite; Lavell, Andrew; Hanger Shenandoah County VA; Augusta County VA
Lucas Lucas, George; Harry Hall; Joanthan Hall  Shenandoah County VA
Ludwick Ludwig, George; Miller; Polly Miller  Shenandoah County VA
Lutholtz Lutholtz, George; Isaac Lutholtz; John Lutholtz; Abraham Lutholtz  Shenandoah County VA
Lutz 01 Lutz, John; Abraham Lutz; Henry Lutz; Levi Lutz  Shenandoah County VA
Lutz 02 Lutz, Michael; David Bowman Clark County OH; Rockingham County VA;  Shenandoah County VA
Lutz 03 Lutz, Jonnas Strasburg VA;  Shenandoah County VA
Mace Mace, Henry Shenandoah County VA
Madeira Madeira, John; Rachael Renick Shenandoah County VA
Magert Magert, David; Magert, Margaret Mauk  
Maggart 01 Maggart, Margaret; Margaret Mahhot  
Maggart 02 Balthis, John; Taylor; William Maggart  
Mahaney Mahaney, Stephen; Rachel Parkins Shenandoah County VA
Mahoney 01 Mahoney, Clemmard; John Mahoney; Joseph Mahoney Shenandoah County VA
Mahoney 02 Mahoney, John; Rebecca Myers Wayne County IN; Shenandoah County VA
Majors Majors, William; Joseph Williams; Elizabeth Dellinger Shenandoah County VA
Mann Mann, Charles  
Mannick Menich; Minnick, Peter  
Maphis Maphis, Joseph Shenandoah County VA
Marker Marker, George; Margaret Strosnider Shenandoah County VA
Markley 01   Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
Markley 02    
Marks  01 Marks, John; Jacob Marks  
Marks  02 Markes, Sarah; Atwood, Edwin Young; Marks, Thomas; Marks, James  
Marr Marr, Ann; Ann Herr; John Funk Shenandoah County VA
Marshall Marshall, William; James Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Martin 01 Martin, Alfred Warren County VA
Martin 02 Martin, George Henry; John William Henry Martin Timberville VA; Rockingham County VA; Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
Martin 03 Martin, Jacob; William Logan Shenandoah County VA
Martin 04 Martin, John; Rebekah Holeman; Anderson moffett New Market VA; Shenandoah County VA
Martin 05 Martin, George Shenandoah County VA
Martz Martz, Dorilas Edinburg VA; Shenandoah County VA
Mason Mason, Andrew; George Oliver; Alexander Rodgers; Eugene; George W. Jones; Dr. Benjamin Selden; Colonel George I Marks; Rev. John Frederick County VA; Stafford County VA; Loudoun County VA; Kentucky
Matheny 01 Matheny, William Page County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Matheny 02 Matheny, Williams; Mary Harrison Augusta County VA; Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Mathews Mathes; James Mathews Shenandoah County VA
Mauck 01 Mauck, Marcus; Delilah Mauck Stoney Creek; Shenandoah County VA
Mauck 03 Mauck, Joseph Shenandoah County VA
Mauck 03 Mauck, Mary Ann; Benjamin Wenger Rockingham County VA
Mauck 04 Mauck, Daniel; David Mauck Page County VA; Frederick County VA
Mauzy Mauzy, Henry; Kisling, Jacob  
Mavis Mavis, John Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
May #01 May, Yansy; John May; Eliza Jane May Shenandoah County VA
May #02 May, Sylvester; Rebecca Mumaw Nicholas County VA; Shenandoah County VA; Rosedale WV
May #03 May, John; Richard Kirby Shenandoah County VA
McAllister McAlister, Robert; Leah Allen; Lucy McAlister; Keeran; White Shenandoah County VA
McCarty 01 McCarty, Margaret Catherine; C.S. McCarty; Sonner Harrisonburg VA; Strasburg VA
McCarty 02 McCarty, Jonas; Catherine Zirkle; Circle Pennsylvania
McCarty 03 McCarty, Darby; Sarah McCarty; North; Durst; Livesay Shenandoah County VA
McCarty 04 McCarty, David Shenandoah County VA
McCarty 05 McCarter, Isaac Shenandoah County VA; Kentucky
McCarty 06 McCarty, Charles A., Charles S., John E.; Caroline Keller McCarty; Eugenie McCarty Bain Strasburg VA; Winchester VA; Woodstock VA
McCarty 07 McCarty, James; McCarty, Sarah Shenandoah County VA
McClanahan 01 Bowman Fort Valley; Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
McClanahan 02 McClanahan, Robert; Thomas McClanahan Shenandoah County VA
McClung McClung, William Rockingham County VA; Pennsylvania
McCollister   Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA; Augusta County VA
McCoy McCay, Shepard; Lucinda Harvey Page County VA; Rockingham County VA
McCuan McCuan, Isaac; Mary Hannon Shenandoah County VA
McCutcheon McCutcheon, Samuel Augusta County VA; Shenandoah County VA
McDaniel McDaniel, Paul G.; Benny L. McDaniel; Samuel McDaniel New Market VA; Shenandoah County VA
McDonald Randolph; McDonald Beverly Manor; Augusta County VA; Edinburg VA; Shenandoah County VA
McElhany McElhany, David; Maude McElhany; Blackburn Shenandoah County VA
McFall  01 McFal, Frances; Daniel McFay  
McFall  02 McFall, Frances; McFall, Daniel  
McFarlan Martin; Blackwood  
McGowen Balthis, John Leonard; Sarah Balthis; William McGowen; John McGowen Shenandoah County VA; Indiana
McInturff   Fort Valley VA; Shenandoah County VA
McKay 01 McKay, Abraham; Rachael O'Dell Shenandoah County VA
McKay 02 McCoy, Shepherd; McKay; Templeman; Wertz Washington County Maryland; New Market VA; Shenandoah County VA
McKenney McKenney, Francis; Qualls; Browning; Hickman; Blackburn  
McNeal McNeal, Martha; Sara McNeal; Mary E. McNeal; Catherine McNeal; Henry M. McNeal; Charles M. McNeal; James E. McNeal; Elizabeth McNeal; James McNeal Sr.  
Meem Meem, John; Russell; Jordan; Peachy; Garland; Estherbrocke; Halsey; Shenandoah County VA
Meneley Meneley, George C.; John Meneley; David Menerley  
Michaels Michaels, John  
Middleton Middleton, James; Garn Middleton; Daniel middleton; Basil Middleton; Hopkins; Hartman Hampshire County WV; Washington County VA
Milbourn Milburn, Andrew; William Milbourn Sr.; William Milbourn Jr.; Joseph Milburn; Phoebe Milburn  
Miley 01 Pullen, George; Joseph Pullen; Thomas Pullens; Churchwell Pulliam; Heblinger; Bauserman; William Gearing; George W. Miler; John Miley; James Miley; Joseph B. Miley  
Miley 02 Miley, Abraham; Sarah Roads; Joseph George Hutchinson; George Hottel; Mary Hottel Preston County WV; Page County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Miley 03 Martin Mylin; Hans Mieili; Joseph Miley; John Funkhouser; David Miley; Elizabeth Miley; Tobias Miley; George W. Miley; James Monroe Miley; Michael Rhodes; Martin Funkhouser Miley; Mary Ellen Miley; Claude Leroy Miley Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA
Miller 01 Miller, John; Catherine Neff Shenandoah County VA
Miller 02 Miller, John D.; Jacob W. Miller; Sarah Osborn Miller; Christian Miller Shenandoah County VA
Miller 03 Miller, Jacob; Elizabeth Miller; Abston; Joshua Abston Miller Augusta County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Miller 04 Miller, Jacob; Anna Baer Miller; George Miller Pennsylvania; Rockingham County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Miller 05 Miller, David; Elinora Miller; Mosters; Mathias Smutz; Clark Shenandoah County VA
Miller 06 Miller, Harrison; John Reynolds; Lydio Reynolds; Lydia Bowers Pennsylvania; Tennessee; Shenandoah County VA
Miller 07 Miller, Adam; Ann Wurtmiller Miller; Jacob Miller; Godfrey Miller Shenandoah County VA
Miller 08 Miller, William; May Copenhaver Miller; Newell; Kern; Piper Shenandoah County VA
Miller 09 Miller, Jacob; Dartings; Joseph Pugh Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
Miller 10 Miller, Jacob; Rebecca Miller; Barbara Miller; Brubaker Columbia Furnace; Shenandoah County VA
Miller 11 Vahn; Jacob Miller; John Miller Maurertown VA; Shenandoah County VA
Miller 12 Miller, Catherine; Broy; Harrison Miller; Wagnet Strasburg VA; Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
Miller 13 Miller, George; Matthias Miller  
Miller 14 Miller, Philip; John Grove; Daniel Miller Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
Miller 15   Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
Miller 16 Miller, Jacob; Ulrich Miller Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
Miller 17 Miller, Casper; Comer Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Miller 18 Miller, George Shenandoah County VA
Miller 19 Miller, Mark; Marcus Miller; Feetley; Fectley Tennessee; Shenandoah County VA
Miller 20 Miller, Thomas Shenandoah County VA
Miller 21 Miller, Michael; Daniel Miller Shenandoah County VA
Miller 22 Miller, Ulrich; Anthony Nicely Shenandoah County VA
Miller 23 Miller, Jacob; Philip Miller; Alexander Miller Shenandoah County VA
Miller 24 Miller, Charles; Edith Miller Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
Miller 25 Miller, Christian; Johann Philip Wisman; Catherine Miller Oranda; Strasburg VA; Shenandoah County VA
Miller 26 Miller, William; Elizabeth Miller; Levi Stickley Illinois; New Market VA; Shenandoah County VA
Miller 27 Miller, Andrew; Noble; Miller, Andy Frederick County VA
Miller 28 Miller, Andrew; Jacob Miller; Abraham Miller; Margaret Shultz; Susan Miller; Lewis Miller; Barbara Stockslayer; Henry Miller; William Miller; George Miller; Mary Copenhaver; John Miller; Flora Hockman
Elizabeth Lochman; Mahdalena Neff
Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA; Pennsylvania
Miller 29 Miller, Henry Woodstock VA
Miller 30 Miller, Abraham; John Downey; John Stover Shenandoah County VA
Miller 31 Cooper, Joseph; Funk; Douglas; Stockslager; William Miller; John Miller; Mathias Miller; Felix Miller; Henry Miller; Herr; Michael Miller Shenandoah County VA; Pennsylvania
Miller 32 Miller, Jacob; Magdalena Miller; Abraham Miller; William Miller; Elizabeth Barbara Mueller; Adam Miller; Valentine Miller; John Miller; Martin Miller; Mathias Miller Shenandoah County VA; Woodstock VA; Augusta County VA; Frederick County VA; Pennsylvania
Miller 33 Miller, George; Louis Miller; Henry Miller; Harrison Miller; Marha Spickard; William Miller; Jacob Copenhaver; Newell; Cooper; Parrell Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; Strasburg VA
Miller 34 Miller, George; Miller, Isaac; Boehm  
Miller 35 Miller, John; Miller, Abraham; Miller, Catherine Neff  
Miller 36 Miller, George; Miller, Henry; Miller, Eva; Miller, Katie; Miller, Susan; Miller, Rebecca; Miller, Henry Jr; Miller, Isaac; Miller, Sallie  
Miller 37 Miller, Isaac; George; Henry  
Miller 38 Miller, George Godfrey Shenandoah County Va
Miller 39 Miller, Joe; Sheetz, James W.  
Miller 40 Miller, Christina; Bowman, Christina Shenandoah County VA
Miller 41 Miller, George Godfrey  
Millis Millis; Abijah; Mary Millis Timberville VA; Shenandoah County VA
Minnick 01 Minnick; Kibler; Haun; Walters; Golladay  
Minnick 02 Minnick, Andrew; Magdelena Cook; Philip Cook; Abraham Minnick; Margaret Miller Shenandoah County VA
Moody Moody, Moses; Briant Moody Shenandoah County VA
Moomaw Faidley, Annie Dellinger Moomaw; William F. Moomaw; Anna Mumaw; Barb; Fadley Augusta County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Moore 01 Moore, Rhonda; William Moore; Elizabeth Moore Shenandoah County VA
Moore 02 Moore, Joseph Reuben Shenandoah County VA
Moore 03 Moore, Hannah; Thomas Moore; Mary Allen Moore; Hannah Endler Orkney Springs VA; Shenandoah County VA
Moore 04 Moore, Georgia; Joseph Monroe; Virginia Moore; McWilliams Warren County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Morgan 01 Harden; Harding; North Shenandoah County VA
Morgan 02 Morgan, Jonas; Susanna Hardin Page County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Morgan 03 Morgan, Jonas; Elizabeth Hurst Morgan; Settle; Rudicil; Ward Shenandoah County VA
Morrell Morrel, John; Martha Morrell  
Morton 01 Morton, Joy Esther Grayson  
Morton 02    
Mowery Mourer, Andrew; Maurer; Catherine Badler Highland County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Mowry Mowry, Leonard; George Mowry; William Mowry; Marbara Mowry; Jacob Mowry; David Mowry; Sophia Mowry; Philip Mowry; John Mowry; George Mowry; Maurer; Shitzin Shenandoah County VA
Moyer 01 Moyer, Henry; Christina Heistand Luray VA; Rockingham County VA
Moyer 02 Moyer, Jacob Shenandoah County VA
Mozingo Mozingo, Benjamin Toms Brook VA; Woodstock VA; Rockingham County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Mumaw 01 Mumaw, Christian; Walker; Orndorff; Halterman; Smith; Delauder; Caplinger; Wolverton; Helsley; Mathias; Mackeever Shenandoah County VA
Mumaw 02 Mumaw, William H.; John Eilles; Ann Grabill; Jemima Lutz New Market VA; Edinburg VA; Shenandoah County VA
Murphy 01 Murphy, George W.; Mary Frances Calvert Shenandoah County VA
Murphy 02 Murphy, James; Madaline Newlin; Margaret Henigan; John Murphy; Sarah Miller Fairfield County OH; Shenandoah County VA
Murphy 03 Murphy, James; David Murphy; David Duckwall Shenandoah County VA
Murray Murray, Ballard; Rodenhiser Licking County OH; Knox County OH; Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
Myers 01 Moyers, George; Riffey; Ruffey Shenandoah County VA
Myers 02 Myers, Jacob, Michael; Funk, Barbara, Martin, Henry Strasburg; Stephens City; Shepherdstown
Nagle Nagle, Peter; Nagle, John Shenandoah County VA
Neas Neas, Jacob; Neas, Anna Maria; Neese; Nehn; Nees Pennsylvania; Cumberland, Maryland; Mt. Jackson, VA
Nedimyer Nedimyer, John James; Rosenberger, Charles Edward; Rosenberger, William Henry   Rockingham County VA
Neff Burkholder; Neff, John Jr.; Andes  Shenandoah County VA
Neiberger Neighbarger Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA; New Jersey; Germany 
Nelson Nelson, John Sr.; Lou Ellen Nelson; John Young; James Atwood; Thomas Wigfield Shenandoah County; Fauquier County
Nelson 02 Nelson, John; Henry Nelson; Oliver Jackson Nelson; Francis Nelson; Ross Nelson Shenandoah County; Stafford County; Prince William County; Fauquier County; Jackson OH
Nesselrodt Robert; Blackord; Dyer; Fitzwater; Reese; Reinschmidt; Runion; Stoever; Hefner; Koontz  
Neuschwanger Niswonger; Neuschwanger, Christian; Brumbuch   
Newell Newell, Aaron Shenandoah County VA; Madison County VA; Botetourt County VA 
Nicely Nicely, Effie Rosetta; Nicely, Jacob  Shenandoah County VA
Nichols Glusscoe Shenandoah County VA; Pennsylvania; Frederick County Maryland
Nicholson Nicholson, William; Nicholson, Dorras  
Nicodemus Nicodemus, Valentin Erasmas; Nicodemus, Johann Adam; Conrad, Anna Gutha; Nicodemus, Adam; Nicodemus, Henry  Shenandoah County VA
Noel Noel, Jacob; Albright, Elizabeth Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA; Frederick County VA
North North, John Augusta County VA; Rockingham County VA
Norton 01 Norton, George; Norton, Barbara; Norton, Zachariah; Norton, John; Norton, Jacob  Shenandoah County VA; Trumbull County OH
Norton 02 Norton, Jacob Shenandoah County VA
Nunn Nunn, Joseph B; Nunn, Thomas; Nunn, Norman; Nunn, William A  Shenandoah County VA
Odell 01 Odell, Justice Caleb; Odell, Alice Thorne; Odell, Isaac  Shenandoah County VA
Odell 02 Odell, James; Odell, Abraham Shenandoah County VA
Odell 03 Odell, Caleb; Odell, Mary Denton; Odell, Isaac; Odell, Rachel Clevenger   Shenandoah County VA; Westchester, NY 
Odell 04 Odell, Simon; Odell, Mary Truner; Odell, Isaac; Odell, Abigail Mansfield    Shenandoah Conuty VA; Page County VA
Odell 05 Burns, Joseph; Odell, Mary; Allen, Benjamin; Bowman, George; Mercer, George; Mercer, James; Buck, Charles; Buck, John; Bowman, Christian; Bowman, Jacob; Blackburn, Margaret; Blackburn, James; Bird, Andrew Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Odell 06 Mcnamee, Bryan; Bordden, Benjamin; Leaman, Jonathan; Chambers, Edmund; Fossett, Lydia; Chinnoweth, John; Daughterty, Margaret; Turner, Thomas; Parsons, Abel; Vestal, William; McKees, James; Shepherd, John; Neale, Hugh Frederick County VA
Odell 07 Burner, Jacob; Long, Philip; Stone, Ludwick; Selser, Matthias; Humston, Edward; Miller, Jacob; Bauserman, Frederick; Stonehouse, Thomas; Williams, William; Morgan, Richard Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County Va
Odell 08 Odell, Joshua; Odell, Susanna; Morgan, Belinda Odell; Odell, William; Odell, Sylvanus; Odell, Jeremiah; Odell, Jacob Shenandoah County VA
Offenbacher Offenbocker, Jacob; Offenbacker, Rachel Hardy County WV; Shenandoah County VA
Ohaver Ohaver, Christopher; Ohaver, Isaac Hover Shenandoah County VA; Ireland
Okane Okane, Henry; Okane, Rev. John; Thomas, Joseph; O'Kelly, James Shenandoah County VA
Oldenbergh Oldenbergh, Dr. Daniel  
Olinger 01 Olinger, George Washington; Strickler, Susanna; Marshall, Rachel; Olinger, Jacob; Olinger, Johann George Shenandoah County VA; Becks County PA
Olinger 02 Kipp; Joseph Roberts Montgomery County VA
Orndorff  01 Orndorff, Dr. Philip Setzer; Orndorff, Frances Jane Fishel Shenandoah County VA; Hampshire County WV
Orndorff  02 Orndorff, Joseph; Orndorff, John Philip; Orndorff, Eleanor Willams  
Ott 01 Ott, John W.; Ott, Elizabeth Harrison Walton Shenandoah County VA
Ott 02 Ott, Jacob; Ott, Mary Anderson   Shenandoah County VA; Maryland
Overall 01 Overall, John; Overall, Maria Christina Froman Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA
Overall 02 Overall, John Froman; Henton, Thomas Bentonville VA; Warren County VA; Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
Overall 03 Overall, Lt. John  
Overall 04 Overall, John; Overall, William; Froman, Magdalena; Waters/Walters, Elizabeth; Earle, Mary ann  
Overholtz Overholtz Samuel; Hinkle Catharine Shenandoah County VA; Mt. Jackson VA
Padgett Padgett, Reuben Jr.; Padgett, Reuben Sr.; Padgett, Elizabeth Calfee; Padget; Paget; Pagget; Paggett Shenandoah County VA; Augusta County VA 
Painter 01 Painter, Samuel; Katherine Painter, Frank Painter, John Painter Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA; Pike County, IN
Painter 02 Painter, Abraham; Painter, Helena Emswiller; Bearsht, Helena Emswiller Painter; Painter, Moses Harpine  Shenandoah County VA
Painter 03 Painter, Peter; Painter, Conrad; Painter Johan George; Bernhardt, Nicholas Shenandoah County VA; Sulzfeld, Germany
Pangle 01 Cline, John; Cline, Peter; Rinehart, Michael; Pangle, John; Pangle, Margaret Rinehart; Bergner Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Pangle 02 Pangle, Vance; Pangle, Catherine; Pangle, Henry; Pangle, Susanna Keeler Longacre Shenandoah County VA
Pangle 03 Pangle, Strother; Pangle, Ed; Pangle, Harvey Preston; Laura Bell Gilbert; Pangle, Aurthur Raymond; Pangle, Isaac N.; Mary Jane Hite; Pangle, William; Rhoda Pittman, Robinson, Joseph; Pangle, Henry Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Parke Parke; Amos Parke; Susan Miller; Mattson Shenandoah County VA; Woodstock VA; Ohio
Parker  01 Parker, Farling Ball; Elizabeth White Parker; Joseph Parker; Thomas Parker Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; Hardy County WV
Parker  02 Parker, Stacy; Parker, John; Parker, Caroline; Parker, Arcibald; Parker, Sophronia  
Parrish Miller, Mary Bourne; Parrish  
Parrott 01 Parrott, Joseph; Parrott, Sarah Windle; Wendell Toms Brook, VA ; Shenandoah County VA
Parrott 02 Parrott, Frederick; Parrott, Barbara Elizabeth Edwards; Parrot, John; Parrott, Louise Bean Toms Brook, VA; Frederick County VA; Switzerland; Tennessee  
Parrott 03 Parrett, Frederick; Barbara Edwards; Elizabeth Keller; Parrott, Henry; Parrott, John Shenandoah County VA
Peer Peer, Elisha (Elias); Peer, Caroline L. Baude; Peer, Rachel Orndoff Cedar Creek VA; Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; Columbia Furnace 
Pence 01 Pence, Jacob D; Pence, Elizabeth Getz Shenandoah County VA
Pence 02 Pence, Jacob; Pence, William; Pence, Maydalina; Pence, Rebeca Fecker     Shenandoah County VA
Pence 03 Pence, Susan Shenandoah County VA; Craig County VA
Pence 04    
Pence 05 Pence, Conrad  
Pence 06 Pence, Rachel; Solomon Shutters; Lewis Pence; Frederick Pence; Jacob Pence; J. Worth Pence; Philip Davies; Mary Davies; Mable Pence; Rebecca Pence; Solomon Pence; Virginia Pence; Caroline Zirkle Shenandoah County VA
Pennybacker 01 Pennybacker, Dirik; Pennybacker, Hannah "Nancy" DeHaven; Pennybacker, Abraham; Pennybacker, Elizabeth Ruffner Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA
Pennybacker 02 Pennybacker, William Shenandoah County VA
Pennybacker 03 Pennybacker, Dirck  
Pennywitt 01 Funk; Pennywitt, John; Pennwitt, Susan Will Graves; Pennywitt, John; Pennywitt, Philip Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA; Tennessee
Pennywitt 02 Pennywitt, John; Rosina Pennywitt; Yeiser; Ann Moor Pennywitt; Allen Shenandoah County VA
Peters Peters, John; Peter, Susan; Whitmyer; Whitmoyer; Whitmire; Peters, William; Lumberson; Will Moore's Store VA; Shenandoah County VA
Philips Philips, Jonas; Philips, Barbara Pence; Pence, Rollen; Kibblinger; Kibbler  Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA; Ohio 
Phillips Phillips, John; Phillips, William; Phillips Shenandoah County VA
Pierce Pierce, Comorah Jean Finks; Pierce, James Thomas; Pierce, Laura Virginia Sibert Shenandoah County VA
Pingley Pingley, Joseph; Pingley, Mary (Molly) Saylor; Pingley, Samuel Shenandoah County VA
Pitman Pitman, Levi; Pitman, Rachel Windle Shenandoah County VA
Pittman Pittman; Bittman; Funkhouser Shenandoah County VA
Platt Platt, Jerome; Platt, Mary Ann Burns (Byrne); Platt, Lucy Shenandoah County VA; Cambria County PA; New Market, VA
Plauger Plauger, Leah; Plauger, Barbara E; Plauger, Plauger, George; Plauger, Catherine Shenandoah County VA
Polk Polk, Anania   
Pollock Harsch; Louise Pollock; Audley Pollock; Kate Goodrich  
Pomeroy Pomeroy, Richard; Mary Heltew Pomeroy  
Portlock 01 Portlock, John; Portlock, Sara Daugherty; Portlock, Thomas S. Shenandoah County VA
Portlock 02 Portlock, John; Portlock, Sara  Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Powell Powell, William Henry; Powell, Thompson New Market, VA
Price 01  Price, Stephen; John Price; Sarah Price; William Price; Mary Price  
Price 02 Price, Noah; Henry Price; Archibald Price  
Price 03 Price, Sampson; John Price; Arjalon Price; Edward Price  
Price 04 Price, John; John Kipps; John Rice; Carolyn Kipps; Michael Coffman  
Price 05 Price, Andrew; Samuel price; Eva Tusing; Henry Tusing  
Price 06 Price, John Jr.; John Price Sr.; Pugh Price; Robert Price Shenandoah County VA; Orange County VA; Henrico County
Printz 01 Printz, Johann Philipp; Prince, Godfrey Brentz; Painter, Maria Margaretta Bender; Schwenzer, Anna Maria; Prince, Godlove Molly; Prince, George Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA; Frederick County VA; Duhren Germany
Printz 02 Printz, George  
Printz 03 Printz, Johann Heinrich  
Proctor 01 Proctor, Noah Richard; Harrison Proctor; Richard Proctor; Edith (Hawkins) Funk; Harmon Proctor; Samuel Funk; Elizabeth 'Betsy' Hawkins; Joseph Hawkins, Sr. Sarah (Jones) McDaniel York County, Pa
Proctor 02 John Proctor Ohio
Propst 01 Propst, John; Propst, Michael; Propes; Props Kentucky; Shenandoah and Pendleton County, VA; Fraklin, WV
Propst 02 Propes, Nicholas  Barbara Luken Albermarle County VA; Augusta County VA; Greenbrier County WV; Illinois 
Pugh 01 Pugh, Joseph; Jonathan Pugh  
Pugh 02 Sterret, Joseph  
Pugh 03 Pugh, Joseph; William and Rebeca Richardson; Isabella Calmes  
Pugh 04 Pugh, Jonathan; Joseph Pugh, Jr; David Pugh; Catherine Price; Warth Familey; William Rogers  
Pugh 05 Pugh, Joseph; Pugh, Mary; Pugh, Anne; Davis, Nathan  
Pulliam Pulliam, Thomas; Churchwell Pulliam; Elizabeth, Katherine} Kiblinger  Page County VA; Shennandoah County VA
Purdom Purdom, Thomas Shenandoah County VA; Georgia
Pyle Steed; Rosenberger  Warren County VA; Shenandoah County
Quick Gorrell Shenandoah County VA; Augusta County VA; West Virginia
Racey Racey; Aiken; McIllwee Shenandoah County VA; Hampshire County WV
Radcliff Radcliffe; Lahman; Mongold; Woods; Miller; Whetzel WV
Rader Rader; Hotzinpillar Shenandoah County VA; Botetourt 
Rains Rains; Holman; Martin; Beard Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA; IL; MO
Ramey   Shenandoah County VA; Jefferson County WV; Page County
Rausch Roush Shenandoah County VA
Reager 01 Reager; Setzer Shenandoah County VA
Reager 02 Roberts, Joseph; Allen Harleas; Elizabeth Roberts; John Heavener; Tulitha Harless; Louisa Long; Mary Shelor Shenandoah County VA; Montgomery County VA
Reamer Reamer; Greyson Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA; KS
Reed Reed, Nathaniel; Reed, William; Robins, Frances; Allen, Mary; Reed, Edward; Reed, Joseph; Reed, Elijah; Allen, George  
Reedy 01 Reedy; Lineweaver Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Reedy 02 Reedy; Keyser; Varner; Grandstaff; Koontz; Geiger Shenandoah County VA
Reedy 03 Reedy; Rudy Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA; Page County VA
Reedy 04 Reedy, Sarah Ann; John; Keyser, Margaret; Reedy, Augustine; Geiger, Jemima; Rhineland, Sarah; Reedy, John Bernhard; Keyser, John; Rhineland, Mathis  
Reeser Reeser; Long; Evans Shenandoah County VA
Reeves 01 Reeves, James; Jacob Neff; Lydia Martz West Virginia; Rappahannock County VA
Reeves 02 Balthis, Charlotte; Fore; Reeves; Margaret Grim; John Abraham Balthis; Lottie Balthis Reeves; Thomas Reeves Warren County VA; Danville VA
Reid Reid, Rankin Shenandoah County  VA
Reilly O'Conner, Timothy; McCarty, John; Reilly, Mary; O'Conner, Charles; Reilly, Bernard; Murphy, Patrick; McCarty, Lulu  
Reiman Reyman, Lewis; Reymann; Ryman  
Reynard 01 Reynard; McInturff Shenandoah County  VA; OH
Reynard 02 Reynard; Peters Shenandoah County  VA; Frederick County VA
Rhodes 01   Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County
Rhodes 02   Shenandoah County VA
Rhodes 03 Rhodes, John C.; Rodes; Roads; Peters, Lydia Shenandoah County VA; New Market 
Rich Rich; Winesburg CCC
Richardson 01 Richardson; Keffer; Pate; Stewart; Miller Shenandoah County VA; IN
Richardson 02 Richardson; McCarty Shenandoah County VA; PA; Frederick County VA
Rider Rider; Foltz Shenandoah County  VA
Rife Rife; Garver Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA; Page County VA; Madison 
Riffey Riffey; Fry; Miller; Coffman Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA; Hardy County WV; OH
Rinehart 01 Rinehart; Walter Shenandoah County VA
Rinehart 02 Rinehart, Daniel; Rinehart, Lewis; Rinehart, Mathias; Rinehart; Jonas  
Rinehart 03 Rinehart, Jonas  
Ringer Ringer; Worley Virginia; OH; PA
Rinker 01 Rinker Shenandoah County VA
Rinker 02 Ringger; Bachman Switzerland
Rinker 03 Rinker, Charles  
Ritenour 01 Ritenour, Isaac; Levi McInturff; Elizabeth Hockman; Christine Lichliter Rockingham County VA; Shenandoah County VA; Albemarle County; Augusta County
Ritenour 02 Ritenour, Carl; Isaac; Frank; Arthur; Rosie  
Ritenour 03 Ritenour, Adam; Henry ; Elizabeth Welch  
Ritenour 04 Ritenour, Franklin Pierce; Emma Stump; Elizabeth Catherine Rau  
Ritenour 05 Ritenour, Daniel Morgan; Bowman, Leonora; Ridenour, Adam; Munch, Magdalene  
Rittenour Rittenour, Charles; Wood, Ella Mae  
Roadarmour Roadatmour, John; Roadarmour, Susannah Martin Shenandoah County VA
Roads 01 Roads, George; Henry Brock; Rudolph   
Roads 02 Roads, Valentine; Elizabeth Blind  
Roads 03 Roads, Joseph; Rhodes Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Roads 04 Roads, George Valentine; Susannah Sheetz  
Roberts Roberts, Joseph; Margaret Reager  
Robinson Robinson, Joel; James Robinson Shenandoah County VA; Hardy County WV; Hampshire County WV; Rockingham County VA
Roland Roland, George; Roland, Reason; Roland, Jacob  
Roller 01   Pennsylvania; Rockingham County VA 
Roller 02 Roller, Mary; Roller, Jacob; Zirkle, Eve; Zirkle, Lewis; Rousch, Mary; Neil, John; Rousch, Johannes; Sahler, Susannah  
Romick Romick, Barbara; Romick, Michael; John Overholzer; Romick, Catherine; Romick, Nancy; Romack Ohio; Shenandoah County VA
Romine Romine, John; Romine, Joanna Loudon County VA; Fairfax County VA
Roof 01 Roof, Martin; Margaret Zirkle  
Roof 02 Roof, Jacob; Roof, Anna Kugdy New Market VA; Shenandoah County VA
Roof 03 Roof, Samuel; Bashare; Bartscherer, Jacob Pennsylvania
Rosenberger 01 Keffer, Nicholas; Keffer, William; Keffer, Henry Wm  
Rosenberger 02 Rosenberger, Jacob; Rosenberger, Erasmus; Sigler; Grady Shenandoah County VA
Rosenberger 03 Rosenberger, Erasmus  
Ross Ross, Alexander; Tipon, Sarah Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Rothgeb Rothgeb, George, Jr.; Rothgeb, John George; Roadcap  
Roush 01 Roush; Raush  
Roush 02 Roush; Pool; Meyers Shenandoah County VA; Shenandoah Countyotland
Roush 03 Roush, John; Roush, George Shenandoah County VA
Row Row; Rinehart; Sheetz Shenandoah County VA; Barbour County WV; Page County VA; Maryland
Ruble   Frederick County VA
Ruby Ruby; Reedy; Guard Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; TX
Ruddell 01 Ruddell, John; Ruddell, George Shenandoah County VA
Ruddell 02 Ruddell, George; Preston, Elizabeth; Sharp; Lynn; Goodrich Massachusetts
Ruddell 03   Shenandoah County VA
Rudy Rudy; Naugle; Rife; Hottel; Funk; Steph; Ruby; Windle Shenandoah County VA
Ruffner Ruffner; Hughes; Robison Shenandoah County VA; IL
Rumbough  01 Rumbough, George; Boyers, Mary  
Rumbough  02 Rumbough, George; Boyers, Mary  
Runion Runion, Joseph William; Conner, Amelia Caterine; Walter, Rosa Esther  
Rupe  01 Roop Shenandoah County  VA
Rupe  02 Rupe, Johan; Zirkle, Margaret; Rupe, Henry  
Rush 01 Roush Shenandoah County VA; OH
Rush 02 Rush; McQuay; Lindamood; Lutz Shenandoah County VA; OH; IL
Rush 03 Rush; Ikenberry; Eichenberg Shenandoah County VA; Franklin County VA
Rust 01 Rust; Bowman Shenandoah County VA; Westmoreland County VA; Rockingham County
Rust 02 Rust, John; Rush Rockingham County VA
Rutherford Rutherford Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; Rockingham County VA; TN
Ryan Ryan Shenandoah Coutny; Rappahannock County
Ryman Ryman, John; Ryman, Isaac; Jordan, Maria; Jordan, Peter  
Sager 01 Sager, Peter Sagger; Sager, Johann Shenandoah County VA
Sager 02 Sager,Clarence Tilden; Sager, Robert Tilden; Sager, Goldia Shenandoah County VA
Sager 03 Sager, Gabriel, Sager, Margaretta Delp Shenandoah County VA
Sager 04 Sager, Amos; Mumaw, Eliza Shenandoah County VA; Bucks County PA
Sager 05 Sager, Louise Harmer; Sager, William; Ulrich; Stickley, Joseph Shenandoah County VA
Sager 06 Sager, John  
Sager 07 Sager, Jesse Monroe; Sager, Zula; Kuhn, Reva; Sager, Samuel Monroe; Montgomery, Michael; Sager, Kenneth; Sager, Mabel Irene; Evy, Jerry Alan; Evy, Shelly Lee; Payne, Tracy Dawn Shenandoah County VA; Woodstock VA
Santmiers Santmiers; Ionogene; Maltie; Annabelle; Mayme; George; John; Sarah; Bowman; Myral; Murdock; Georgia Edinburg VA
Saum 01 Saum, Nicholas Shenandoah County VA
Saum 02 Saum; Elias; Samuel; Cornelius; Noah; Samuel; Emma Edinburg VA
Sayler Sayler, Godfrey; Sayler, Rebecca; Salor; Sieler; Sailor Shenandoah County VA; Greene County TN
Saylor Saylor; William- Godfrey; Bowman Jacob; Elizabeth Stoney Creek (Edinburg) VA
Schmidt Schmidt, Johannes; (John Smith); Barbara; John; Mary; Magdalene; Barbara; Joseph; Jacob; Elizabeth; Catherine; Adam Shenandoah County VA; Cabin Run VA
Schmitt   Woodstock VA
Schmucker 01 Schmucker, Peter; Schmuker, Rebecca Roaeh; Smucker; Smucker, Katy Burner Shenandoah County VA
Schmucker 02 Schmucker, Ferdinand; Schmucker, Catherine Funkhouser; Schmucker, Joseph; Schmucker Ann Beidler Shenandoah County VA
Schnepp Schnepp Shenandoah County VA; Fisher Hill VA
Scott 01 Scott, William; Scott, Elizabeth Keeler Pangle Shenandoah County VA; Chester County PA; CoHontown, VA; Ohio
Scott 02 Scott. Benjamin; Currenee, Jane; Homan  
Seahorn 01 Cathey; Holeman; Seahorn; Seahorn, John; Seahorn, Elizabeth Cathey; Cathey, William Shenandoah County VA; Holmes Creek; Tennessee
Seahorn 02 Seahorn, John; Seaorn, Nicholas Shenandoah County VA; Holmes Creek
Secrest Secrest; Henry; Michael; Mary  
Seivers Seivers, Jacob; Seivers, Lawrence White; Miller, Mary Ann; Lawrence, Jarita Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Setzer Setzer, John; Wayland; Frederick Reager Shenandoah County VA
Shafer Shafer; Famil history Shenandoah County VA; New Market VA
Shaffer 01 Shaffer, Frederick; Shaffer, Barbara Fry; Shafer; Shaverin; Shaffer, Jacob Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA; Bucks County PA
Shaffer 02 Shaffer, Grover Cleveland; Shaffer, George; Shaffer, Catherine Ann Flynn  
Shaffer 03 Shaffer, Grover Cleveland; Flynn, Catherine Ann; Armstong, Lula Mae; Shaffer, Anna; Shaffer, AC; Shaffer, Philip; Huff, H.G; Huff, Thomas; Shaffer, Daniel; Shaffer, Amanda;
Shaffer, Joseph; Shaffer, Daniel; Shaffer, CM; Shaffer, Samuel H.; Shaffer, Pollie; Shaffer, Clarence 
Mauretown VA; Strasburg VA
Shaffer 04 Schafer, Lydia; Schafer, Solomon; Zerkle, Sarah; Schaffer, Abraham; Schafer, Absalom; Shaffer, Solomon; Shaffer, Jacob  
Shaffer 05 Shafer, Israel  
Shaffer 06 Shaffer, Jacob; Crabil, Elizabeth; Shaffer, Heinrich; Shaffer, Otilla  
Shaffer 07 Shaffer, Jacob; Peterfish, Mary; Shaffer, Philip  
Shaffer 08 Shaffer, Frederick; Shaffer, Jacob; Shaffer, Johann Jacob  
Shaffer 09 Shaffer, Jacob (JR); Peterfish, Mary; Shaffer, Jacob (SR); Shaffer, Margaret; Shaffer, Odilla Schmidt  
Shank 01 Shank- Folder 1-Georg; Catherine; Iva Saumsville VA; Shenandoah County VA
Shank 02 Daniel P., Mary Ruff Shank, Michael, Henry(elder), Henry Shank (younger), Jacob Shank, Jacob Ruff, John Ruff  
Shank 03 Christian, Michael, MichaelJr. Adam, Henry, Samuel Sr. Jacob  
Shank 04 Shank, Joseph; Shank, Henry; Bateman  
Shank 05 Shank, Wendel  
Sharp Sharp; Thomas; Elizabeth; Barnet; Ruddell; Locke Shenandoah County VA
Shaver 01 Shaver, George; Staufferin, Barbara; Bidler, Marrie  
Shaver 02 Shaver, John; Pence, Elizabeth  
Shaver 03 Grabill, George; Neff, Anna; Pentz, Phoebe; Shaffer, Henry; Shaeffer, Magdaline; Shaver, Philip; Shaeffer, Israel  
Sheeler 01 Sheeler, Catherine; Sheeler, Jeremiah; Sheeler, Jacob; Sheelor, Mary; Sheeler, Margaret; Sheeler, Samuel; Shealor, Jacob; Shealor, Catherine; Shealor, Frederick  
Sheeler 02 Shealer, Jacob  
Sheeler 03 Shealer, Jacob  
Sheets Sheets, John; Susan Miller Woodstock VA; Ohio
Sheetz 01 Boyce Edinburg VA; Shenandoah County VA
Sheetz 02 Sheetz Oscar Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; Woodstock VA; Howard County Maryland
Sheetz 03 Sheetz, James Shenandoah County VA
Sheetz 04 Sheetz, Lucy; Boyer, Allen  
Shelly Shelly, Christian Pennsylvania; Shenandoah County VA
Sherman 01 Sherman; Isiah; Levi Shenandoah County VA
Sherman 02 Sherman; Schirman- Simon; Sherman family Shenandoah County VA
Shipe 01 Shipe, Emmanuel; Hutcheson, John; Minting, Mary; Shipe, Joseph Clarence Shenandoah County VA; Edinburg VA
Shipe 02 Shipe, Joseph Clarence  
Shipp Shipp; William; Elizabeth Shenandoah County VA
Shoemaker Shoemaker; Thomas; Jacob; John; Samuel; Martin Shenandoah County VA
Showalter Showalter, Elsie lineage; Ira William Shindle  
Shryock Shryock; Samuel; George Shenandoah County VA
Shue Shue; Phillip Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Shugart Shugart; Zachariah; John; Jease; Mary Ann; Jacob.; Kring; George Shenandoah County VA
Shuh Shuh; Jacob; Joseph; Jabety; Lockmiller, John; Sibert, Baryamien; Mary Shenandoah County VA; Warren County; Frederick County VA
Sibert Sibert; Jaeger; Miller  
Sibert 01 Sibert; Moses; Lawrence; Hottle; Norval; Dorsey Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; Warren County VA
Sibert 02 Sibert; Daniel; Janice; Brandy; James Shenandoah County VA
Sidebottom Sidebottom, John Shenandoah County VA
Sievely Sievely; Peler Shenandoah County VA; Mt. Jackson VA
Sifert 01 Sifert; Adam- Mary Ann; Buny-W Jacob Shenandoah VA
Sifert 02 Sifert; Shirley; Charles; Theodore; David; Syplers; Mary Shenandoah County VA; Warren County VA; Frederick County VA
Silver Silver; James; Gershaun; Elizabeth; Rebecca Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Silvious Silvious, William; Mary Zirkle, Joseph Silfoos, Jacob Silvus, Susannah Miller, Moses Silvious, Ann Neff, John Weaver, Lydia Silvius, Hannah Silfuse, Abraham Silfouse, Andrew Zirkel Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Sine 01 Keeler; Kellers Shenandoah County VA
Sine 02 Sein; Sign; Sine, Samuel Shenandoah County VA
Sines Sines; Diane; Noreruss; Eliza; Dodson; Anna; Fry Pennsylvania; Shenandoah County VA
Sivey Haller South Carolina
Six Six, William; Six Catherine; Stover John Montgomery County VA
Sizemore Sizemore, George; Sizemore, John Shenandoah County VA; Smith Creek VA; Woodstock VA
Skeen 01 Skeen Shenandoah County VA; Lee County VA; Boone County KY; Livingston County KY
Skeen 02 Skeen, Mathew  
Skelton Skelton; John-Jeremiah; Hepler, Catherine Shenandoah County VA; Ohio; Augusta County VA
Sligh 01 Sligh; Henry F.; McConily Shenandoah County VA; Ohio; PA
Sligh 02 Sligh Sly, Slye; Abrham; Isaac; Ambrose Shenandoah County VA
Smith 01 Smith, Solomon Shenandoah County VA
Smith 02 Smith; Joseph Kendrickle; Barbara Allen; Bell; Melinda; Smith; John; James Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Smith 03 Smith, John; Haun; Susan; Ireland; James Frederick County VA; Dunbar; Shenandoah County VA VA
Smith 04 Smith; William; Childers Shenandoah; Frederick County VA; Ceder Creek VA; Shenandoah County VA
Smith 05 Smith; Adam; William; Hannah (Jackman) Shenandoah County VA; Red Banks-Shenandoah VA
Smith 06 Smith; Adam; Hannah (Jackman); Isaac Shenandoah County VA
Smith 07 Smith, Edward  
Smith 08 Smith, Jeremiah; Levi  
Smith 09 Smith, Adam; Branaman, Mary Shenandoah County VA; Pows Run 
Smith 10 Smith; Jacob; Luther; Jenima Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; Pendleton County VA
Smith 11 Smith, Nathan; Benjamin; Thomas; David; Edward; Mary; Lydia; Pricilla; Hall Shenandoah County VA
Smith 12 Smith, Jeremiah; Thomas; Elizabeth; Ann; George; Thomas, Owen; Booklet Shenandaoh County VA
Smith 13 Smith, John; Morgan; Muhlenburg;  Shenandoah County VA
Smith 14 Smith, John; Kendrick; Allen, John Shenandoah County VA
Smith 15 Smith, Benjamin; John; Susan; Charles; Mathaw Shenandoah County VA; Liberty Furnace VA; Jerome VA
Smith 16 Smith, Ann; Gilbert Smith; Letica Smith; Margret Smith; Allen; Rogers; Bauserman; Bradford Shenandoah County VA; Mt. Crawford VA; Mt. Jackson VA
Smith 17 Smith, James; John Smith; Henry Smith; Sarah Faulkner; William Crowson Frederick VA; Shenandoah; North Carolina
Smith 18 Smith, Samuel Wilson Shenandoah County VA
Smith 19 Smith, Peter, Christina, Valentino; Connor, Mandi Shenandoah County VA; Strasburg VA
Smith 20 Smith, Joseph, Cora Lee Shenandoah County VA
Smith 21 Smith, Daniel Harrison; Estep, Elijah; Griffith, Mary; Smith, Joseph; Estep, Thomas; Mumaw, Christina; Mumaw, David; Beck, Rosina; Tusing, Catherine; Tusing, Adam; Barb, Lydia; Biller, Susannah; Biller, Christian Shenandoah County VA
Smutz Smutz, John; Clara; Stover, Peter Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
Snapp 01 Snapp, Joseph; Elizabeth; John Dunmore County VA; Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Snapp 02 Snapp, John  
Snapp 03 Snapp, Lawrence; Schnepf Shenandoah County VA
Snapp 04 Snapp, Philip; Snapp, Lawernce; Keller Shenandoah County VA
Snapp 05 Snapp, Lawrence, John, Barbara Germany; Shenandoah County VA; Tennessee 
Snider Pence, Elizabeth; Snider, George Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; Page County VA
Snively Snively, Folder 1- Jacob; Rhodes, Barbara Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA; Berkley County VA; PA.; Culpepper VA
Snively 02 Snavely, Johann Jacob Schnebele, Jacob Schnebele, Barbara Eberle, Jacob Schnebele Snively, Daniel Snively, Snaveley; Christian, Benjamin, Walter, Irvin  
Snyder 02 Snyder, John  
Snyder Snyder; Jacob Catherine; Taylor Ohio
Sommer 0 Shenandoah County VA
Sonnanstine Sonnanstine, Joseph Dr.; Bauserman, Catherine Shenandoah County VA
Sonnenstine 01 Sonnenstine, Joseph; Bauserman, Catherine Shenandoah County VA; Woodstock VA
Sonnenstine 02 Sonnenstine, Joseph, Mucilla, Catherine Shenandoah County VA; Woodstock VA; Toms Brook VA; Saumsville VA
Sonner 01 Sonner, Martha Elizabeth; Sonner, John Philip; Kellenberger; Miles Shenandoah County; Frederick County VA; Page County
Sonner 02 Sonner, Harrison; Margaret Balthis; Leonard E. Balthis; Sarah Conrad; William Balthis; Hoffman; Elizabeth Sonner Shenandoah County VA; Strasburg VA
Sonner 03 Sonner, Philip  
Soward Soward; Sowers Frederick County VA
Sowers 01 Sowers, Jacob; Mary; Jacob Jr.; John; Daniel; Elizabeth; Susanna Shenandoah County; Page County VA
Sowers 02 Sowers; Sauer Shenandoah County
Spangler Spangler, Carl; John Luther Spangler; Casper; Henry; Baltzer; Peter Stover; Philip Spangler; Joseph Stover Spengler; Charles Spangler Shenandoah County VA; Wincherster VA; Montgomery County VA; North Carolina
Speece Speece; Spiece Shenandoah County VA; Winchester VA
Spencer  01 Spencer- Adey; Isaac; Jacob; Nicholas; William; Gantz Shenandoah County VA
Spencer 02 Balthis, Laura Spencer; Triplet; Pugh; Van Keuren; W.H. Balthis Warren County VA; Seattle Washington; Missouri
Spengler Spengler; Spanger; Stewart; Morris; Painter Shenandoah County VA
Spiker Spiker; Borden; Walter Shenandoah County VA; Page Co
Spitler 01 Spitler; Burner Shenandoah County VA
Spitler 02 Spitler; Miller Shenandoah County VA
Spore Spore; Spohr Shenandoah County VA; Ohio
Sprenkel Sprenkel; Springle; Woolford Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Stapleton   Shenandoah County VA
Stark Stark Shenandoah County VA; Ohio
Steele Steele; Steel Shenandoah County VA
Stein Stein; Stine Shenandoah County VA
Stephenson Stephenson, James; Hannah Watson; Mary Stephenson; William Clayton; Elizabeth Stephenson  
Stickley 01 Stickley, Daniel Shenandoah County VA
Stickley 02 Stickley, John Shenandoah County VA
Stickley 03 Stickley, John  
Stickley 04 Stickley, Irene; Stickley, George; Stickley, Joseph; Gochenour, Wauel; Gochenour, Henry  
Stickley 05 Stickley, David; Stickley, Peter Shenandoah County VA
Stiegel Stiegel; Speagle Shenandoah County VA
Stine Stine; Williams; House  
Stirewalt   Shenandoah County VA
Stockslager Stockslager  
Stoneberger Stonebarger; Stoneburner Shenandoah County VA
Stoneburner Shannon Charles M. Middleton Shenandoah County VA; Missouri; Culpepper County VA; Page County VA
Stoner  Stoner William; Stoner Frederick Shenandoah County VA; Ohio
Stouder 01 Stouder David; Good; Hiestand Shenandoah County VA; Page Co
Stouder 02 Stouder David; Hiestand Mary; Stouder Frederick Shenandoah County VA; TN
Stout 01 Stout Daniel; Stout Godfrey Shenandoah County VA
Stout 02   Shenandoah County VA
Stout 03 Stout, Daniel Shenandoah County VA
Stoutmeyer Stoutmeyer Margert; Huber John; Hoover Shenandoah County VA; Ohio; Rockingham Co
Stover 01 Stover, Christian; Jocob Stover; John Stover; Joseph Stover; Peter Stover  
Stover 02 Stover Peter; Funk Jacob; Kendrick Catherine; Spengler Anthony Shenandoah County VA
Stover 03 Stover Daniel; Stover Jacob; Stover John; Stickley Elizabeth Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham Co; PA
Stover 04 Stover John; Sonner Elizabeth Shenandoah County VA
Strechberry Strechberry; Stokesberry Page County VA
Strickler Strickler, Daniel; Strickler, John B; Strickler, Margaret; Jones, Thomas  
Strosnider 01 Strosnider, C. F. Dr.  
Strosnider 02 Strosnider, Rudolph; Strosnider, Elijah; Keckley, Elizabeth  
Strosnider 03 Strosnider, Michael; Walker, John; Walker, George; Walker, Henry  
Strosnider 04 Strosnider, John P.; Brill, Annie D. Frederick County VA
Stuart Stuart, Samuel Morrison Burnside; Stuart, Dilman; Stuart, John; Stuart, William; Stuart, Anna Siglar Shenandoah County VA
Stultz Stultz, Isaac; Stultz, William Jackson; Stultz, Jacob Shenandoah County VA
Sulcer Sulcer, Wm; Sulcer, Henry; Sulcer, Matthew  
Sulzer Sulzer, Henry; Stover, Jacob; Roads, John Shenandoah VA; Stasburg VA; Page County
Summers Summers, Joseph; Summers, Barbara; Judd, Elizabeth; Price, George Frederick County VA
Summersett Summersett, Thomas; Solenberger, Mary  
Summey Summey, Sarah Ann; Summey, Christian; Wilkins, James Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Supinger Supinger, Ulrich; John Supinger; Conrad Supinger; Dorothy Balthis; Miller; Alexander Supinger; Abraham Supinger  
Surber 01 Surber Henry; Surbaugh David; Surbaugh; Wiseman Ann  
Surber 02 Surber Henry; Shuman Stephen; Haller; Coffield Ohio
Surface Surface, John Ulrich; Surface, Adam; Surface, Dr. Samuel; Herbeen, Mary Magdaline  
Swartz 01 Swartz, Christian; Swartz, Samuel; Swartz; Jacob; Fry, Lydia  
Swartz 02 Swartz, Samuel; Swartz, Martin, Jr  
Swartz 03 Swartz, Lemuel; Vetter, Amanda  
Swartz 04 Swartz, John R.; Polk; Poke, Rosanna  
Swartz 05 Swartz, John; Mauls, Mary Jane Shenandoah County VA
Swayne Swayne Abner; Nutt Isaac; Nutt Anna Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham Co
Swecker 01 Swecker; Sweeker; Miller Maria WV
Swecker 02 Swecker, Holt; Swecker, John; Swecker, Jacob; Barb; Swacker  
Sweeney 01 Sweeney; Hoover; Hoffman; Swayne Shenandoah County VA; Strasburg VA
Sweeney 02 Sweeny Joseph; Kern Jane Shenandoah County VA; New Market VA; Frederick County VA; Berryville VA; Clarke County VA
Tamkin   Shenandoah County VA
Tapp Tapp George B; Allie Shenandoah County VA
Taylor 01 Taylor, John; Magdalena Byrd Shenandoah County VA; West Virginia
Taylor 02 Taylor, Louisa Miller Balthis; Ora Less Taylor; Thomas F. Taylor  
Taylor 03 Taylor , John Shenandoah County VA
Taylor 04 Taylor, Juniphar Shenandoah County VA
Taylor 05 Taylor, Rolla; Bonnifield, Rachel Shenandoah County VA
Taylor 06 Taylor, Zachary; Lichitar, Ann; Taylor, Oscar, James, Sarah, Nettie May, Ethal, Ann; Duncan, Enoch                            Shenandoah County VA; Washington VA; Noradon VA
Taylor 07 Taylor William Shenandoah County VA
Taylor 08 Taylor, Jacob M.; Richard Taylor; Catherine Burns; Anne M. Cane  
Teeter Teetor, John, Eva, Jacob; Turney, Peter Shenandoah County VA; Cedar Creek VA
Tharpe Tharpe, William B., Bevely, Polly Shenandoah County VA
Thatcher Thatcher, Samuel, Elizabeth Shenandoah County VA; Woodstock VA
Thomas Thomas William Shenandoah County VA; Mt Jackson VA
Thompson 01 Thompson, James, Nancy Shenandoah County VA; Tennessee
Thompson 02 Thompson George Shenandoah County VA
Tidler Tidler, George Washington; Tidler, Phebe Coontz; Windle, Elizabeth R; Zirkle; Crim; Glenn, Charlotte  
Tipton Tipton Shenandoah County VA
Tisinger Tisinger, Peter; Tisinger, John; Tisinger, Isaac; Tisinger, Joseph; Tisinger, Elizabeth  
Tout Tout, John Shenandoah County VA
Towalt Tewalt, Samuel, John, Charles Shenandoah County VA
Trimble Trimble, James; George Trimble; Harvey Trimble; Philip Hemlick; Jacob Seybert Highland County VA; Augusta County VA
Trowbridge Trowbridge David Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Truban Truban, William Shenandoah County VA
Truck Truck, Paul; Druck/ Trook, John Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; Ohio
Turner Turner, Cosetta; Dora Turner; Solomon Turner; John Turner; Mae Turner; Charles T.Turner; William Lee Turner; Ophelia Turner; Henry E. Turner; Arnold McCoy Turner; Buford Lester Turner; Edith Inez Turner; Ginger Lee Turner; Elizabeth Ann Turner; Nellie Turner; Margaret Turner; Lilly Baltis
Turney Turney Peter, Eva; Smith, Ephram Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA
Tusing 01 Tusing, Andrew, Eva Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA; Columbia Furnace VA
Tusing 02 Tusing Henry Shenandoah County VA
Tussing Tussing Mrs. Moses Shenandoah County VA; New Market VA; Frederick County VA
Uhl Uhl Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Upp Upp, Peter; Upp, Catherine; Upp, John; Ulrick Miller, et al Frederick County VA; Stephensburg (Stephens City) VA
Van Pelt Van Pelt, William Anthony; Brobeck, Mary Mahala; Naidenbausch, Angeline Shenandoah County VA
Vance 01 Vance William Shenandoah County VA
Vance 02 Vance, Cyrus Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA; Fort Valley VA
Varner 01 Varner, Daniel, John; Hottel; Varner Shenandoah County VA; Zepp VA; Warren County  VA
Varner 02 Varner, Phillip Shenandoah County VA; Powell Fort VA
Vetter Vetter; Grandstaff; Smoot; Hass; Richard; Hough Shenandoah County VA; Warren Co; Rockingham Co; Page County VA
Vincent Vincent, Joseph  
Vinot Vinot Shenandoah County VA
Voress Voress, Garett; Voves, Ruth; Hite Shenandoah County VA
Wade Wade Shenandoah County VA
Waidon Waidon, John, Sarah, Joseph (5); Buck, John  
Waite Waite, Obed Shenandoah County VA
Walsh Balthis, Harvey G.; John Collins Harvey; Joseph P. Harvey; Effie Walsh; George Washington Balthis; Mary Lucretia Balthis; Cynthia Wilkes  
Walter 01 Walter, George; Getz, Margaret; Pennywitt, Elizabeth PA; Maryland; Shenandoah County VA
Walters 02 Walters, Daniel Shenandoah County VA
Walters 03 Walter, Elizabeth, Henry; Connor  
Walters 04 Walters, Peter, Julia, Jeremiah; Volmar, Clara Shenandoah County VA
Walther Walther; Ruddell; Margolis; McCampbell Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Walton Walton, Edward, Samuel, Catherine, Ruth; Moore, Joseph Shenandoah County VA; Indiana
Ward Ward, William, Samuel Shenandoah County VA
Watson Watson, Joseph, William, Jane, Mary Shenandoah County VA; Conicville VA
Watts Watts, Walter, Sarah Shenandoah County VA; Warren County VA
Wayland Wayland John W; Kagey Shenandoah County VA
Weakley William, Susanna, Lucy  
Weakly Weakly, William, Susanna, Lucy  
Weatherholtz Weatherholtz Shenandoah County VA
Weaver Weaver; Kendrick; Smith Shenandoah County VA; OH; WV
Weaver 01 Weaver, Frederick, Phillip Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA
Weaver 02 Weaver, David, Rachel Shenandoah County VA
Weaver 03 Weaver, Noah, Jacob Shenandoah County VA; Van Baren Furnace
Weaver 04 Weaver, Kendrick, Smith  
Weaver 05 Weaver- Peter, Barbara, Jacob; Weaver Shenandoah County VA; Cedar Creek VA; Middletown VA; Woodstock VA
Weaver 06 Finter, Andrew; Haller, Mary; Coffman, Abraham; Weaver, Polly; Coffman, Peter; Weaver, Sally; Weaver, Conrad; Swartz, Rebecca; Swartz, Jacob; Weaver, Phebe Phillipina; Weaver, George W.; Lloyd, Rebecca Shenandoah County VA
Weaver 07 Weaver, Phillip; Frederick Weaver; George Philip Weaver; Mary Finter; Nancy Brown Shenandoah County VA; Culpeper County VA
Webb 01 Webb, William, Harman, Daniel Shenandoah County VA; Fauquier County VA
Webb 02 Webb, Issac, Sarah Ann, Herman, Polly; Good, Abraham, Sarah, Elizabeth Shenandoah County VA
Webb 03 Webb Jacob; Dellinger; Wolf Shenandoah County VA; Woodstock VA
Weddington Weddington Jacob; Weddington Benjamin Shenandoah County VA;KY;NC
Weekly Weekly, Gnoch, Jacob, John Shenandoah County VA; TN
Welch Welch, Belle, Gerald, Jon, Raymond Shenandoah County VA
Welty Welty, John Shenandoah County VA; Cedar Creek VA
Wendel 01 Wendel; Wendell  
Wendel 02 Winble; Wendel, Abraham; Brubeek Shenandoah County VA
Wender Wender, Bill Shenandoah County VA; Woodstock VA 
Wendle Wendle, John; Mary Copp, Laura Francis Wendle, Frank Bever, Samuel Copp Shenandoah County VA
Wertz Wertz; Wirtz; Wurtz; Binns; Pence; Bentz Shenandoah County VA
Wetzel 01 Wetzel, Nicholas, Elizabeth Shenandoah County VA
Wetzel 02 Wetzel, Joseph Shenandoah County VA; Brocks Gap VA
Wetzel 03 Wetzel, John, Elizabeth Shenandoah County VA
Wetzel 04 Wetzel, Henry Shenandoah County VA
Wetzel 05 Wetzel, Henry, Rebecca; Dillinger Shenandoah County VA
Wetzell Wetzel, George, Elizabeth Shenandoah County VA; Rockingham County VA
Whetzel Wetzel, Uriah, Samuel, Elizabeth Shenandoah County VA
Whissen Whissen; Osborne; Comer; Hopewell; Hisey Shenandoah County VA; Woodstock VA
White White, William  
White 01 White, James, Henry, Andrew, John Shenandoah County VA
White 02 White, John, William, Benjamin Shenandoah County VA; Lebanon Church VA; Mt. Olive VA
White 03 White, Rachel, Nathanuel, Valentine; Anderson, William Shenandoah County VA; Frederick County VA; Strasburg VA
White 04 White, William  
Whitmer 01 Whitmer, Daniel; Moyers, Catherine; Hoy; Beatty Shenandoah County VA; Tennessee; Kentucky
Whitmer 02 Whitmer; Whitmoye; Keentz Frederick County VA; Mt. Jackson Va.; Shenandoah County VA
Whitmire Whitmire, Catherine Shenandoah County VA
Whitson Whitson, Benjamin; Whitson, Ann Shenandoah County VA; Pennsylvania; Botetourt County VA
Wiatt Wyatt Shenandoah County VA
Wickliff Wycliff; Wicliff Shenandoah County VA
Widrig   Shenandoah County VA
Wilcher Wilcher, George; Webb, Frances Kentucky; Shenandoah County VA; Indiana
Wilken 01 Wilkin, Godfrey; Wilkin, Henry Shenandoah County VA
Wilken 02 Wilkin, Robert Edinburg VA; Shenandoah County VA; Pennsylvania; Frederick County VA
Wilken 03 Wilkins; Sheetz; Santmiers  Shenandoah County VA; Woodstock VA
Wilkinson Wilkinson Shenandoah County VA; Amelia County VA
Will Will, Henry, Henry Jr., Sally Shenandoah County VA; Zepp
Williams 01 Williams, Mathias, Mary Ellen  
Williams 02 Williams, John; Williams Family Shenandoah County VA; Washington D.C.; Fredericksburg VA
Williams 03 Williams, Cora; Pritchet, Lewis Shenandoah County VA; New Market VA; Rockingham County VA
Williams 04 Williams , Croudson  
Wilson Wilson, Henry Shenandoah County VA
Wilt Wilt, Samuel, Phillip, Elizabeth (s) Shenandoah County VA
Windel Windel, Daniel; Hawkins, Mary Shenandoah County VA
Winder 01 Winder, Thomas, Jane, Mary, Nancy Shenandoah VA
Winder 02 Winder, Clement, Magdalena; Pixlers Shenandoah County VA
Windle 01 Windle, Mary; Windle, Charles Shenandoah County VA; New Market VA
Windle 02 Arterburn; Cornell; Spiggle; Wiseman; Hammon Shenandoah County VA; Front Royal VA
Windle 03 Windel; Wendel; Windle, Branson; Windle, Samuel Shenandoah County VA
Wine 01 Wine Jacob Shenandoah County VA
Wine 02 Wine JC  
Wine 03 Wine Isaac J  
Wine 04 Wine J. Floyd  
Wine 05 Wine Benjamin  
Winters Kell, Elizabeth; Winters  
Wisecup Weiskob, Johan; Wisecup, Jacob  
Wisehart 01 Wisehart, John; Wishart, Thomas; Bridwell, Delilah Rockingham County VA
Wisehart 02 Wisehart; Roy; Howell; Pence; Bone; Day Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA; Rockingham County VA
Wisely Wisely Shenandoah County VA
Wiseman Wiseman, Catherine; Miller, Christian; Miller, John  
Wisman 01 Wisman, Phillip Shenandoah County VA; Woodstock VA
Wisman 02 Wiseman, Thomas; Wiseman, John; Miller Shenandoah County VA; Woodstock VA
Wolf Wolf, Jacob Shenandoah County VA
Wolfe 01 Wolfe; Wetzel;Coffelt; Funkhouser  
wolfe 02 Arthurburn; Wolfe; Cornwall Shenandoah County VA; Preston County VA
Wolfe 03 George Wolfe Shenandoah County VA; Warren County VA
Wolfe 04 Wolfe, Joseph; Crabill Shenandoah County VA 
Wolfe 05 Wolfe Jacob  
Wolfenbarger 01 Peter Wolfenbarger; Susannah Miller  
Wolfenberger 02 Wolfenberger; Kagi Shenandoah County VA; Greenbriar, WV
Wolff Wolff, John Wesley Rev. Shenandoah County VA; Switzerland
Wolford Wilfert Woodstock VA; Shenandoah County VA
Wolverton 01 Wolverton, John; Magdalena Mary Hottel Shenandoah County VA
Wolverton 02 Wolverton Shenandoah County VA
Wolverton 03 Wolverton, David; Dellinger; Mumaw; Sager; Snap Shenandoah County VA; Fincastle, VA
Wolverton 04 Wolverton, Rosanna Shenandoah County VA
Wood 01 Wood, Nehmiah; Asa Wood; John W. Wood Stafford County VA; Frederick County VA
Wood 02 Wood, Ashberry Shenandoah County VA
Wood 03 Wood, William Shenandoah County VA
Woodward Jennings; Williams; Smith Shenandoah County VA
Woolford Woolford, Frederick Shenandoah County VA
Wright Wright; Vestal; Potts; Wright James Shenandoah County VA; Woodstock VA; Missouri
Wroe 01 Wroe, Chancellor Shenandoah County; Frederick County VAunty VA; WV
Wroe 02 Wroe, Benjamin Shenandoah County VA
Wymer Wimer; Conner Warren Co; Front Royal; Shenandoah County
Yeager Yeager, George; Meager, Joseph Shenandoah County VA
Yeo Yeo, Micheal; Sarah Jones; John Yeo; Elizabeth Balthis; Clinton Antrim; Analiza Yeo; Joshua Leonard Yeo; Elizabeth Smith; Jonathan Olgesbee; Mary C. Yeo; Noah Hawkins; Martha Yeo; Allen S. Gaddos; Sarah Jane Yeo; William H. Yeo
Yost 01 Yost, Jacob, Sr.; Henry Yost; John Yost; Elizabeth Funk; Michael Baker; Anthony Yost; David Yost  
Yost 02 Yost, Isaac P; Mary Jane Lowman; Jacob Yost; David Yost; John Yost; Anthony Yost  
Young 01 Young, Edwin; Young, Priscilla; Young, Frankie; Beale, Taverner Shenandoah County VA; Randolph County WV; Woodstock VA
Young 02 Young, Edwin  Shenandoah County VA
Young 03 Young; Johnston  Shenandoah County VA; Page County VA
Young 04 Young; Bruce; Johnston Frederick County VA; Shenandoah County VA
Young 05 Young, Edwin; Beale, Priscilla  
Zehring Lutz; Zehring, Anna Shenandoah County; Fred. County VA
Zell Zell, Anna; Zell, Elizabeth; Kerlin, John; Bachman, Anna; Zell, Nicholas  
Zenor Seiner; McInturff, Susanna Shenandoah County VA
Zerkel Zerkel, Lydia Shenandoah County VA
Zimmerman Zimmerman, John; Gochenour, Joseph; Gochenour, Henrich; Eisenberg, Anna Shenandoah County VA
Zirkle 01 Han Shenandoah County VA
Zirkle 02 Zirkle, Franklin Rockingham County VA
Zirkle 03 Zirkle, Noah; Zirkle, Henn; Zirkle, Elizabeth; Zimmer, Elizabeth; Zirkle, Henry  
Zirkle 04 Zirkle, Siram Shenandoah County VA
Zirkle 05 Zirkle, Abraham; Zirkle, Michael; Zirkle, Jacob Shenandoah County VA
Zirkle 06 Zirkle, Andrew; Zirkle, Mary; Circle, Michael; Rousch, John Shenandoah County Va
Zorn Zorn, Peter; Zern; Zerns Shenandoah County VA
Zumwalt Sumwalt Mongolia County WV; Shenandoah County VA
Zumwalt 02 Zumwalt, Andreas, Ann Shenandoah County VA; Toms Brook VA; Rockingham County VA