The Shenandoah County Library is currently seeking volunteers who are interested in keeping a record of their lives during this unprecedented time.

Individuals are invited to participate by starting a journal, either physical or digital, and then donating their record to the county library to be preserved as part of our county's historic narrative. We also are encourage local photographers to capture images of how their communities are affected by COVID-19. 

Records should include information about everyday lives, activities, etc. and can be any length or in various mediums, including a written journal, digital productions, stories, art, poetry, or videos.

Remember, there is no "best way" to keep a journal or record, instead it is designed to be a personal account of your life during this interesting period in our lives. The goal of any record should be to observe what is going on in your life, both related to COVID-19 and otherwise. 

Anyone who is interested should contact the library and share their email for our journal contact list. Individuals will be contacted on a regular basis, approximately once a month, to make sure everything is going well and so the library can provide support. Then, once the public health situation has abated, library staff will contact each participant to secure a copy of produced materials for our collection. Restrictions may be placed on materials to limit their public access after donation if the author so desires. 

We are also currently conducting a community survey to collect information about the community during this difficult time. You can complete it at

Email Archivist Zachary Hottel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to sign up.